10 Easy Businesses to start at home for under £100

Working from home and being self employed continues to increase in popularity in the UK. Over the last few years the trend has continued to grow, 4.77 million in a recent count were self employed which totals around 15% of the working population.

What about you? Do you feel like a change from working for the boss? Maybe you are finding it hard to get work or looking for a little bit of extra money?

Here are ten businesses that you can start for under £100:

  1. Window Cleaning / House cleaning. It will require of you simply tools to include ladders, bucket, sponge, clothes, vacuum cleaner, detergents, soaps etc. Cleaning Rounds you take can be local or you can look to expand as you grow – A simple local leaflet delivery can also help to obtain clients. It is still very much a business of knowing your clients well so if you have a good relationship with many of your neighbours then you already most likely have your first few customers.
  2. Dog walking / Pet sitting. You’ll be surprised how many requests for these services now occur. People have busy lives and many love their pets, local advertising offering to look after pets locally could well get you some quick clients and all you will mostly need is yourself to start this business.
  3. Ebay. If you have time to browse the internet and pop round the boot sales and charity shops then if you have a small pot of cash to start with you can soon be making yourself regular money. Ebay is a great way to earn money and if you know where to source products, especially those that are easy to post, then Ebay should be well worth your time researching. Think about sticking to a topic such as vintage clothing or movie memorabilia to build your reputation.
  4. Taxi. With the growth of Uber you can get yourself a quick avenue of income if you are over 21 years of age and have a driving licence (driving experience required depending on areas).
  5. Private tutoring. Have you a skill that you can pass on to others? It could be music, crafts, languages and more, people are always hungry to learn. You can offer courses at your place of residence, at the clients place or use the likes of Skype to offer remote lessons.
  6. Crafts / Arts / Soaps / Candles / Cup cakes. If you have the talent and time you can invest in making items that people would look to purchase and especially via Ebay / local markets. Many people are making a great income at home by crafts and there are many people that love to buy presents for themselves and friends of which hand crafted items are a common choice.
  7. Painting and decorating. You may need business insurance to trade legally, though this is an easy option for getting in to the house renovation sector. Start by local advertising and many people like to choose someone local, that they know and they can trust for these kind of jobs.
  8. Proofreader. Have a good eye for something? Good at spelling & grammar with attention to detail – Speedy reading? These will help you to take up the role of a proofreader and your clients can be both local and national.
  9. Errand Service / Handyman/woman / Personal shopper. If you can get the word out that you are open to helping local people with their to do lists they haven’t the time to carry out or unable to do themselves, then handy person is an option for you.
  10. Private investigator. I wanted to put this option in as I know a few people that are actually running this service from home and they get a whole lot of clients. This can also stretch to mystery shopping and product / service reviewing. If you have access to the internet and transport, then a private investigator could well be up your street.



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