How Pharma Supply Chains Can Realign In The New Normal

29th October 2021

The pandemic disrupted every industry, but some had to struggle more than others. Supply chains were among the ones that bore the brunt. Pharma supply chains were under pressure as the demand for healthcare products was booming amid the crisis. As the situation improves, these businesses have much to consider to prepare themselves for similar…

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3 great ways to sell your products offline

19th December 2019

In today’s modern world, having an online presence for your business is very common. Technology has made it very easy to generate business activity and create a business presence at the mere touch of a button. Whilst social media and other online platforms are an excellent way to promote your business, it is important to…

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How E-Commerce Business Owners Can Reduce Costs?

28th December 2018

In 2017, the e-commerce sector in the UK had reached 137.38 billion, and it is estimated that the number will only move up with time. If you are a businessperson who wants to make the most of the e-commerce growth by initiating or scaling up your e-commerce business, then you should learn to maximise profits…

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Retail Store Organisation: Dos and Don’ts

5th October 2018

The way that you arrange your retail store sounds like a fairly simple task. Obviously, you want your store to flow well; you want customers to be able to find what they need; and you’d like there to be an aesthetic benefit to the overall look.   There’s no denying that the aspects described above…

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5 major advantages of online retailing for local businesses.

17th September 2018

There’s no denying that the way customers shop has changed tremendously. The shift to online shopping won’t be slowing down anytime soon, with e-commerce growing year after year. It makes sense that so many small, local businesses are starting to consider their own online stores. Sure, it’s quick and convenient for the customer, but what…

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What’s Holding Your Retail Business Back?

7th June 2018

Every CEO who starts a company aspires to greatness. But greatness is a long road full of messy obstacles, especially in retail. As a business grows and develops, the work involved becomes more complicated and challenging. Eventually, every business owner hits a roadblock that stands between them and the greatness they imagine. What’s holding your…

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Starting A Bespoke Clothing Retail Business While Living In A Large City

10th July 2017

Setting up a clothing business is right up there as one of the most risky yet reward startups in the world. Essentially, you’re following one of the most creative, artists and design-heavy businesses on the market. It’s also very expensive, as bespoke clothing cannot be made on a shoestring budget. Often you’ll be working late,…

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Reduce The Chances Of An Accident In Your Retail Store

7th July 2017

Safety should always be one of the top things on your mind when it comes to your company. After all, you want your staff and customers to stay safe and well while at your retail store. You don’t want an accident to occur as not only could it leave people injured, but it also cost…

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Making Your Retail Business More Efficient

5th April 2017

New retail methods are constantly being developed to make the industry faster and more organised. Failing to keep up could have you losing out on custom. Here are just a few methods of improving your retail business’s efficiency. Accept card More and more retail outlets are accepting plastic. Even market stall owners are buying card…

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Improving the Customer Experience at Your Retail Store

7th February 2017

Almost everyone has a secret “shopper” side to them that loves to spend cash on things that they don’t really need. Supermarkets have been utilising retail tricks to feed on these spending instincts for a long time. For example, shopping carts and baskets have slowly been getting larger over time, and the produce department is…

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The importance of understanding how your customers use social media when in the fashion industry.

7th January 2014

The importance of understanding how your customers use social media when in the fashion industry. Everyone’s using social media now days, so no matter what you’re trying to promote, you should be on top of it too! It is important to understand exactly how your customers use it, in order to relate to them and…

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How do large retailers such as #Forever21 use Facebook and Pinterest?

29th December 2013

How do large retailers such as Forever 21 use Facebook and Pinterest? – Facebook is used by Forever21 by mainly using visuals. Events, trends and promotions are advertised through this – sometimes exclusive to their followers! Forever21 also use Facebook to promote their other platforms, for example their “Love is Free’ Pin it & Win…

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