4 Reasons Why DIY Websites are Generally a Bad Idea

2nd October 2021

New business owners have the choice of either paying to have a professional website built for them or building one themselves using one of the various tools that are available on the market. While these can sometimes do a decent job, they are not the best option for most. They will usually have issues that…

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Startup Focus: Your Challenges For 2020

13th December 2019

As we move towards the end of another year and the beginning of a new decade, it’s a time that a lot of people like to think about new beginnings. For those of us who are of an entrepreneurial tendency, what that means can vary – something new we plan to do with an existing…

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How to start a business agency for adults

9th October 2019

Starting your own business is always a big thing. When opening an adult agency you will experience the same or similar problems to any other business owners. If you want to be successful, you have to measure your intentions, investment opportunities and the demand. While the need for an adult agency in a village or…

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Top 5 Successful Startups Launched by College Students

14th August 2019

We live in a unique world filled with opportunities. Everyone can launch a company and build a business out of an idea they are passionate about.   Although a large bunch of creative startup ideas has been generated in college (just think of Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook idea or by a group of…

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What Career Could I Pursue With An MPA?

23rd July 2019

Public Administration is a diverse area, with links to government agencies, non-profits, urban development and much more. With a Masters in Public Administration from a university like the University of Southern California, you can open a host of possible career paths, from HR to politics.    Non-Profit Sector With an MPA in the non-profit sector,…

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The Most Important Thing You Must Do as a Hardware Startup

11th March 2019

If you are a hardware start-up company, it is likely that you have a passion for this topic. It is also likely you have carried out research and focused on providing a solution that people need. It is likely you have talked to other firms and you may even have investors lining up to provide…

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SEO Guide: Search Engine Optimisation for Beginners | Ni SEO Agency

22nd February 2019

No matter how great a website you build, if you don’t use SEO techniques and tactics, then you’re not going to get as many visitors to your site as you possibly can otherwise. Then again, if you’re totally new to SEO, it can be frightening and intimidating though. Relax, because if you keep reading into…

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Do You Want To Improve Productivity And Cut Costs? Tech Is Key

23rd January 2019

Are you eager to boost levels of productivity in your business model and make sure that your costs are cut down to size. By doing both, you will be able to improve the service that you offer to clients or customers and keep your company far more competitive against rivals. You’ll also be able to…

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The Pitfalls Of A Home Office (And How To Avoid Them)

22nd June 2018

Working from home has become increasingly popular over the last few years. With the rise in cloud technology, a home office has practicalities for both employee and freelance worker alike. There’s no need to endure the daily commute; it cuts out the number of sick days from staff who ‘just can’t be bothered’ to roll…

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How Do The 10% Of Successful Start Ups Do It?

22nd June 2018

If you’ve ever pondered the concept of starting a small business in 2018, you’ll have come across the fact that up to nine in every ten startups will fail. While those figures are worrying and may lead to feelings of self-doubt, it’s not simply a game of chance. The 10% of success stories occur because…

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How to Run a Successful Small Business

5th June 2018

Starting a business is often associated with bright perspectives, fast incomes, easy money, rapid development and fun life of a successful entrepreneur; unfortunately, not everything is so bright and simple. Running your own company will require time, effort, and attention, so you should not leave your main job, until the start-up begins generating considerable profit.…

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Luke Lazarus Helps Entrepreneurs Achieve Startup Success

10th March 2018

In the business world, it’s a well-known fact that nine out of 10 startups fail. But one Australian entrepreneur and consultant is looking to change that — and his name is Luke Lazarus. The Early Years Luke Lazarus started his first company when he was just eight years old. However, this didn’t adversely impact his academic…

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