10 Great Bubbly Cocktails

Everyone loves to enjoy some bubbles in their lives, here are 10 fantastic cocktails to enjoy over the weekend.

1. The 13 Best Gin and Prosecco Cocktails for Every Occasion

If you love Prosecco and you love Gin then check out 13 different recipes here: https://www.theginkin.com/2019/05/21/the-10-best-gin-prosecco-cocktails-for-every-occasion/

2. English Fizz Cocktails to Celebrate Winnie the Pooh Day

Using English Sparkling Wine to create these Winnie the Pooh Cocktails, to celebrate Winnie the Poop Day, check them out here: https://glassofbubbly.com/english-fizz-cocktails-to-celebrate-winnie-the-pooh-day/

3. Prosecco Cocktail

A simple and enjoyable Prosecco Cocktail with a lemon twist: https://www.acouplecooks.com/prosecco-cocktail/

4. Lemon Ginger Prosecco Cocktails

For those who love a little ginger in the glass, this cocktail would be perfect on a sunny day: https://thefitchen.com/lemon-ginger-prosecco-cocktails-19/


This one deserves all caps, I never thought I could enjoy a Bakewell tart in a cocktail, but I did by using this recipe: https://www.glutenfreealchemist.com/cherry-bakewell-cocktail-prosecco/

6. Twinkle Recipe

It’s good to check some of the supermarket’s suggested cocktails, you might find some gems, like this one: https://realfood.tesco.com/recipes/twinkle.html

7. Christmas Movie Cocktails – The Snowman

This wonderful cocktail was inspired by The Snowman, shown every Christmas, a great smooth and relaxing cocktail to enjoy while watching this short film: https://glassofbubbly.com/christmas-movie-cocktails-the-snowman/

8. Chilli and mango margarita recipe

Another one from Tesco and a must-try for you mango lovers: https://realfood.tesco.com/recipes/chilli-and-mango-margarita.html

9. Festive Fizz: 4 Of The Best Prosecco Cocktail Recipes To Enjoy This Christmas

Sometimes all you want is to make an easy and enjoyable cocktail, next time you feel like that, check out these 4 recipes: https://www.farmdrop.com/blog/festive-fizz-prosecco-cocktail-recipes/

10. Champagne & Whisky Cocktail for New Year Celebrations

You always enjoy a few drinks on New Years Eve, but what’s so great about this article is that the ingredients used in creating the cocktails are all available from your local supermarkets:  https://glassofbubbly.com/champagne-whisky-cocktail-for-new-year-celebrations/

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