10 reasons to digitise your documents NOW

Technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years with both the internet and modern gadgets making office management a lot easier than it used to be. Digitising documents, for instance, is something many companies take for granted these days, but here are ten reasons why it’s absolutely crucial and certainly worth thinking about if you’re not doing it already.

  1. Easy to access

With digital Data Management from Kelly’s Storage and other companies, you can access important documents from anywhere in the world at any time. That’s right, important paperwork can be scanned and electronically delivered 24/7 which is highly convenient for businesses which operate around the clock.

  1. Time saver

What do you do if you have a deadline to meet but have left an important document at work? If all your paperwork is in the office you could end up in a sticky situation but by digitising everything you’ll be able to get your hands on it as and when you need – meaning you won’t have to wait until the office opens.

  1. Space saver

Let’s face it, paper documents take up a lot of space and can fill up cabinet after cabinet if you’re not careful, so it’s well worth learning how to digitise your paperwork. The good news is you can store thousands of files on one device (depending on your storage options) and download them whenever you please.

  1. Fast document recovery

Employees waste time every day trying to find documents in draws and on their desk. The great thing about digital documents is that you can run a quick digitised search using key words or phrases which will help retrieve important files quickly and efficiently.

  1. Easy to edit

Digitised documents are much easier to edit than paper documents and will continue to look professional after amends. Everything from wills to contracts can be tweaked as necessary and adapted to suit client demands.

  1. Easily shared

Files that have been uploaded onto a computer, iPad or other device can be easily shared via email and can be sent securely and instantly to numerous people. This not only saves time but also money too as you won’t have to worry about posting things via recorded/tracked delivery.

  1. Promotes teamwork

Collating digital documents into one place allows many people to view, read and add to files that might be relevant to a certain task. It helps lawyers, for instance, to build up a case and makes it easier to share knowledge and information with others in different locations.

  1. Supporting mobility

Sometimes it’s just not practical to carry heavy folders from one place to another which is why having an e-copy of important documents is worthwhile. They can be accessed from almost anywhere and allow professionals to work out of office or on the go.

  1. Save on printing costs

There are many ways to reduce your printing costs such as choosing eco-friendly cartridges but going digital is another way to cut your outgoings. Implementing an innovative document organisation solution such as an electronic binder will give people access to all they need without having to print off endless sheets of paper.

  1. Helps preserve original documents

Sometimes, documents such as old books, letters and photographs are too delicate to handle. Scanning them into a computer will help keep them in good condition and save them from being handled on a regular basis.

It might take a bit of getting used to, but when everything’s stored digitally you’ll wonder how you ever lived without such an easy-to-use, flexible system.


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