10 Ways To Improve The Appearance Of A Business & It’s Employees

The way a business is presented to the world is done in many different ways. From the physical location of a business to the online presence it has amongst other competitors. It’s also the way a business interacts with its customers, as well as how it treats staff members.

Employees are equally responsible for improving the appearance of a business, just as much as the company itself. With that being said, there are plenty of ways to help ensure that the business is being seen in the best light, at all times.

The importance of appearance for organisations

Appearance is an important one for any company and how the business is perceived can heavily influence its success.

A study found that 90% of businesses found appearance influences client perception and company image. When the right attention is paid to appearance and how a company is presented in many faucets, success can follow.

So what makes a good appearance? Is it all about the physical appearance of an office environment, or does employee representation matter more? The answer is all of the above and more. The more a business can do to improve the appearance of its company in many ways, the better example it sets for itself and the world around them.

10 methods of improvement when it comes to appearance

What are the best tips for helping improve the appearance of a business and its employees? This list below will hopefully provide guidance on what works well when a company is trying to better its image and presence in-person and online.

1. Consider branding.

Firstly, consider branding. Branding plays a key role in a company’s success, especially as it reflects the organisation in many ways. From packaging to the product or service itself, company branding should be on everything.

How can a client or customer differentiate one business from the next? Branding is what plays a pivotal part in the response both physical and emotional, that comes from interacting with different businesses.

A positive brand image is going to only benefit a business further. It’s something though that if done wrong, can lead to a damaged reputation.

2. Ensure employees are always dressed appropriately.

For a business, the way employees present themselves is important and that can often refer to how they’re dressed. Of course, it’s important to let employees be expressive in their looks but for some businesses, a uniform may be required.

Within the healthcare industry, being well presented is essential, especially within the environment they’re in. Getting UA Scrubs from Uniform Advantage is a great way of helping keep employees looking smart and more importantly, distinguishing them from their patients and anyone who is in the building.

If a business is struggling to manage the clothing standards that employees are wearing every day, then a uniform policy can help keep everyone in check. Not only that but it keeps everyone in check over what’s appropriate, and what’s inappropriate for the workplace.

3. Partner with the right clients and suppliers.

To whom a business works with – both clients and suppliers – is often telling of the company’s morals and values. There are plenty of organisations out there that have a glistening reputation or simply haven’t rubbed anyone up the wrong way.

However, there are some organisations that have caused issues. When a business associates itself with a business that has a bad reputation, it can tar them with the same brush. With that in mind, it’s important to assess every business relationship currently active or whenever a company approaches.

Doing a bit of simple background research makes a big difference when it comes to working with the right individuals and groups that reflect the business positively.

4. Always look for vulnerabilities in business.

As a business, it’s always good to do a bit of self-reflecting. No company wants to admit they have a weak spot or vulnerabilities, however, every business has them. Any that says they don’t, is clearly not aware of what’s wrong.

It’s good to take the scope of what’s been achieved but also to identify what has gone wrong previously and how to rectify it. Whether it’s a past issue that’s been forgotten about or an ongoing business operation that needs assessing, these are all useful in helping to grow a business on an upwards trajectory.

Make a list of what can be focused on both as an organisation in its entirety, within individual departments, and from one employee to another. Everyone has a responsibility and influence on making the company better.

5. Actively work with the local community.

Be aware of the local community. Despite how small or large it may be, they are an integral part of a company’s success. In times of struggle and a request for aid, whether it’s financial help or all hands on deck, offering support can have its uses.

Beyond just being a responsible and influential pillar of the community, it bodes well for the reputation of the company too. To be seen helping out with initiatives and projects that other competitors or businesses wouldn’t think to involve themselves in, puts the company one step ahead.

Take a look at what’s going on in the community where the business is located and get involved where possible.

6. Improve online presence via social media.

The online presence of a business is something that any company in 2022 has to be aware of. The influences that social media presence are limitless and if a company is knowledgeable and driven enough, it can leverage social media to its advantage.

Creating a profitable business online and offline is done by what is put out there online. From the company website with its blog posts to the social media profiles that a business may update daily or weekly. It all matters!

Think about what could be changed when it comes to social media platforms and how the business is presenting itself on there. Look at ongoing trends and what may need to be implemented into the social media and marketing strategy online.

7. Look at the employee experience.

Employee experience is a big one because happy employees end up being 12% more productive as a result. That productivity is necessary to help drive the business towards its goals and objectives set for the year.

With happy employees, a business has a workforce that’s eager to find success for its employees and wants to thrive within the company itself. Sure, not everyone will want to be lifetime workers of the company but treating them right, is going to help retain employees for longer.

8. Get customer feedback on appearance.

Customer feedback can help highlight issues that neither the company itself nor its employees may be aware of. This can often be in relation to how customer service support is run or a lack of quality in the products/services being sold.

Gathering customer feedback and implementing positive change, especially when it comes to the appearance of the business, is going to help greatly. Keeping customers on the side of the business is always good and that only comes by making customers feel valued.

Asking for feedback gives that encouragement of the customer feeling, that the company wants to know their thoughts.

9. Invest in quality furnishings for work premises.

The physical attributes that make up the business matter just as much as the digital and emotional ones. When it comes to company premises, the furnishings incorporated into a space can certainly tell a person, whether or not the company cares about its appearance.

From the level of branding used within the space to the quality of furnishings like the sofas to the meeting rooms, all of it is influential.

With that in mind, don’t skimp on the furnishings that will help elevate a company’s appearance in the flesh. It all contributes to the attitudes a person or other organisations have towards it now and in the future.

10. Be sure to incorporate communication in everything.

Communication is key when it comes to a business, so how it communicates with its employees to its suppliers, is all relevant. Interactions with customers and clients can also be essential to the company’s growth and relationships.

A lack of communication is very common in businesses nowadays, despite being quite possibly, the most connected society through its means of communication opportunities.

Look at where communication may be lacking or where it needs to be improved upon moving forward. Ask employees for their advice and guidance on how business operations can run better with more communication in place.

Always work on the company’s appearance on the inside and out

The approach taken to a company’s presentation and appearance is all directly linked to how others perceive the business. By making the necessary changes to the business, it’s going to help garner more success in the long term.

Take a leaf out of this article by implementing some of the suggestions made and see the difference it can make to a business existing in 2022.


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