2 Thousand Osome Customers

We are very proud to welcome 2,000 business owners who decided to choose Osome! It only took 15 months to attract the first 1,000 customers. And six months later we have another 1,000 clients who chose us. All of This is Possible Thanks to You

Such result has been accomplished mostly by our customers themselves: thanks to your help, we keep growing rapidly. According to statistics, nearly 90% of our users tell their friends about Osome.
Here is what one of our clients has to say:
“I had the opportunity to test Osome, as I was trying to incorporate a business in Singapore. I had no idea what to expect from it, but it turned out to be great. Thanks to Osome, I was able to incorporate both of my companies and can now operate them via the platform. There is no doubt that these guys know what they are doing. I normally don’t recommend any type of stuff to other people, but Osome exceeded all my expectations, so I want my friends to know about it. In addition, they get a cool discount when using my referral code.” Michael Thompson.
We are Multinational
United Kingdom, Singapore, and Hong Kong are three countries where we help people start and grow a business. However, because we are an online platform, we have clients all over the world. In fact, users of 78 countries use our service daily.


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