3 Issues That Can Make Business Videos Appear Amateurish

If you are using video to market your business, then you’re going to be keen to project an image of a business that very much knows what it’s doing. Not only do you want to encourage your existing customers to continue their use of your company, but you also want to catch the attention of new demographics and target potentials.


If you browse through the plethora of business videos on YouTube, you will quickly see that there is a huge variation in the quality of the videos. Some look like they have been made by a professional production company; others look like they were filmed in an office when Anne from Accounting had a minute to talk into the camera.


If you want to fall more into the first category but without the expense of an actual production company, then there are a few amateurish mistakes that you’re going to need to avoid. They are –


  1. Poor Video Quality


All business videos should be being broadcast in HD; that’s pretty much a given these days. Even the lower-end devices are able to view HD-quality video, so if you’re not keeping up, then you’re going to immediately impact how viewers perceive your efforts.


It’s essential that you not only learn the difference between the different formats of HD but also use a camera that can record video in at least 720p. This doesn’t necessarily have to cost a fortune – even some smartphones can record video to this standard – so there is no reason to upload videos that don’t comply.


  1. Poor Sound Quality




If the sound is fuzzy, unclear, or just plain not loud enough, then there’s a good chance anyone who stumbles on your video is soon going to click right on by. There is no point broadcasting information if no one is able to hear it.


A good quality microphone is absolutely an essential in this circumstance, but you also need to think about what kind of microphone you want. Your needs depend on what your videos are. If you’re often moving around in the video, then you may find that omnidirectional electret microphones are your best bet, as they can capture the sound as you move. If you’re going to remain static, then a simple microphone you talk directly into may be sufficient.


  1. Clutter In The Background


You should always try and ensure that the background of your videos is clear of clutter and anything too distracting. While broadcasting from a living room might be okay for the vloggers of the world, if you’re making videos for professional purposes, this just isn’t going to be sufficient.


If you don’t have a blank wall to position in front of, then at the very least remove any clutter from the frame. Even if this just means moving things to the side for the duration of the video, it’s better than constantly competing for attention with piles of paper or precariously stacked boxes.


By eliminating the above three issues, your videos will be able to speak for themselves – and ensure that your potential customers can hear exactly what you’re trying to say.



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