3 Modern Ways To Market Your Products Online

When it comes to selling your products online, it’s safe to say that you’ve covered all of the more traditional bases that are available to you. From creating a website to starting an email newsletter, it’s important that you’re working on different tactics to market yourself. However, have you tried these three more modern ways of making a sale?

1. Social Media Links

Sharing a link on Facebook or adding a link to a tweet is something you’re probably already doing, but what if you’re audience is more into video? Well now, you can ensure that you’re capturing their attention and promoting your products on social media too. With Instagram stories, Snapchat, and YouTube all allowing you to add in-video links, you can direct your audience to your products while engaging them at the same time.

2. Influencer Marketing

As a step on from that, we have influencer marketing. This is something still quite new in the grand scheme of marketing, but it’s still incredibly powerful and effective. Teaming up with influencers in your industry to create a collaboration or promote your product is a strong and influential way to make sales.

3. Search Shopping Links

Then we have search. You’ll know by now that the power of adverts and text links on sites like Google and others can drive you traffic, but what about shopping directly from the search engine? Just take a look at the below infographic to see the advantage of doing this.

Infographic Design By Mabo Media


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