3 of the Best Money-Making Tips for Estate Agents

It can be a tough market to crack especially when the majority of estate agent roles are commission based and when you are just early in your career. Estate agents benefit from a higher than the UK average salary and many successful and experiences estate agents can earn anything from £50k – £100k per annum as you progress throughout your career, but of course, hard work and commitment reaps the rewards and your experience will lead you to a fantastic earning potential. Former estate agent veteran and sales orientated Nina from the live casino online, Dream Jackpot lets us in on some top tips of the trade and an insight into how to progress and expedite your earning potential as an estate agent in a challenging UK market.

Get People Talking

Referrals can be gold dust to estate agents, but rather than simply asking people to refer you, you really need to focus your energy into giving them a reason to get talking to their friends and family and referring you via word of mouth, which is still one of the most effective forms of advertising, especially when it comes to property in tight knit communities. Focus on the service you’re providing and create a unique and tailored experience for your customers so that they want to refer you and rave about your incredible service without having to be solicited. Once you incorporate the ‘wow’ factor into your service, the referrals take care of themselves so that it won’t be just be your customer who know how great you are, but potentially thousands of people, especially if they take to social media to rave about your impeccable service. The bottom line is, get people talking so you don’t have to!

What’s in a Name?

Sometimes the way you market and name your services can have a huge impact on how they are received, so think about marketing and naming your services differently so they are received in a way that won’t come back to bite you at a later date. Valuations for example are a service you want to offer your vendors so they have the opportunity to judge you on the service you’re providing, but rather than naming it a valuation, perhaps consider naming it a ‘proposal meeting’ which, rather than a valuation (which is in essence just a statement which doesn’t necessarily warrant a response), a proposal meeting requires a response from the vendor which will further engagement them in the process and set your service apart.

Start a Conversation

Stop simply just advertising property. This may sound absolutely ludicrous as an estate agent who wants to sell property, so not focus solely on advertising the properties available, but in a content driven arena like social media, you need to go beyond this is you want an edge on your competitors. Of course, advertising property is essential, but it doesn’t need to be exclusive, in order to engage your audience and gain a bigger and loyal following, you will need to incorporate other elements, for example, property articles, tips of moving home, the best way to save for a house deposit or tips on getting a mortgage. Engage with relevant news about the market and demonstrate to your audience that you are property experts and that you know your onions.




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