3 of the Best Ways for Estate Agents to use LinkedIn

It’s not news to anyone that social media and LinkedIn especially can substantially help business people and can be a career changing platform for those who use it to their advantage. However, most people don’t use LinkedIn to it’s full potential and miss out on business opportunities as a result. Estate agents especially should look to utilise LinkedIn because it can be such a huge benefit to your career and could be your foot in the door to your next career move. Social Media Executive Lisa from the real online casino, 666 Casino, shares her insights on the best ways estate agents can use LinkedIn.

Make your Profile Stand Out

It’s so important to make the right first impression and in the world of LinkedIn, your profile is your opportunity to make a first impression to your connections and potential future connections. It could possibly be seen by hundreds and thousands of people with over a billion searches taking place each and every year. Therefore, it is worth while dedicating sufficient time to develop your profile, ensuring all of your skills, experience, training and qualifications are listed on your profile in a succinct and professional manner so you can really sell yourself to your connections. Make sure to list which sector and the type of property you have experience working with and all of the skills you have gained from your experience, specific details make all the different and can really showcase your diverse skills and experience in the field. Lastly, make sure to inject as much of your personality into you profile as you can and use a professional but friendly photograph as your profile picture to let people know you are approachable, unique but most of all a professional.

Get Connecting (with the right people!)

Don’t go click happy and just connect with anyone and everyone just to get your connection number up, this could have the reverse effect of making you look professional, it could be constituted as spam and could have a detrimental effect on your LinkedIn profile and worse so on your professional reputation. Don’t let this put you off however, if you do have a genuine professional connection with an individual, go ahead and connect with them! If you want to personalise this with a message, it’s a good chance to do it when you request the connection, saying hello, why you want to connect with them or where you may know them from if they are an acquaintance or you have a mutual friend.

Join Relevant Groups

There are plentiful groups you can join within your industry and there will also be lots of groups dedicated to a certain niche of real estate or property, so be sure to search for all relevant niches and types of property and join those groups. It’s a good opportunity to find who are in the groups and learn from them. It’s always good to find a fresh approach to your niche and learn from others through LinkedIn networking if you get the opportunity.



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