4 Black Friday Marketing Techniques To Boost Sales

Black Friday is fast approaching and many businesses already have their fine-tuned marketing strategy in place and ready to go. But, if you’re still yet to start your Black Friday planning, then there are some marketing techniques which you can use to boost your sales. Whether your business goal is to encourage more visitors to head to your retail store, increase online sales or even just engage with your audience, finding the right technique for your business is vital in ensuring its success.

With what was once a one-day event in America, Black Friday has now turned into a massive, global 4-day event with huge discounts and reductions. Black Friday marketing is important for businesses who want to give their end-of-year and pre-Christmas sales a little boost, so here are 4 Black Friday marketing techniques you can use to boost your sales and can be implemented last-minute.

A Different Deal Each Hour

This is a great technique to use if you have a team capable of monitoring the website to ensure everything runs smoothly and is often used by the bigger retailers who get high-traffic to their websites anyway. Having an hourly deal covers multiple bases all at once and, not only does it encourage spending, but by keeping the discounts and deals a surprise and changing them often, it keeps customers returning to the website to find out more.

Use Your Email List

Email marketing is a great channel to use in order to direct customers straight to your website. In 2018, the Direct Marketing Association found that for every £1 that you spend on email marketing had the potential to earn you £32. There are two approaches for Black Friday email marketing:

  • Previous Customers: Contact former customers and offer them a VIP discount which will give them additional savings on your Black Friday deals. As they’ve already bought from you in the past, they are much more likely to buy from you again.

  • Potential Customers: When it comes to sending emails to future and potential customers, then email them with the deals you’ll have running for Black Friday. If you want to promote specific products, then make sure that the products are clickable so that visitors can go straight to that product.

Email marketing is a great marketing technique to use year-round and not just for Black Friday, as you can get your brand and products directly to customers. As an ongoing marketing strategy, you might want to contact an SEO Manchester, London or Birmingham based agency to implement this.

Free Gift With Every Purchase

Free gifts always go down well, but in order to avoid backlash and disappointment, make sure that the gift is something that your customers will actually want, rather than a bulk-order pen or air freshener. For example, if you sell women’s fashion, give away a free set of earrings or a bracelet, or if you sell home decor, then a free print or mug will always be well received. You will want to promote the free gift on your homepage to ensure maximum visibility and you can set minimums to encourage consumers to spend more, such as “Free Gift With Every £50 Spent”.

Extend Your Sale From Friday Until Monday

One of the most effective marketing strategies implemented for Black Friday is extending your sale. Black Friday used to be the main day where retailers had the best sales, but through the growth of ecommerce, Cyber Monday sales quickly grew. As a result, most retailers now extend their sale to last the full four days of the Black Friday weekend. By extending your sale, you can draw in more customers and hopefully generate more sales.


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