4 reasons you should travel the world in a campervan

Planning some time out from work? Want to satisfy your wanderlust? A campervan could be your ideal next purchase. Here are four reasons why you should consider temporarily upping sticks and exploring the world in one of these versatile vehicles.  

1. Surprisingly comfortable

In terms of comfort, travelling in a campervan is certainly a big step up from backpacking and sleeping in a tent. These vans can give you plenty of space for sleeping, cooking and relaxing, and they can include a variety of mod cons to give your trip a touch a luxury. Even simple design touches, such as fitting foam insulation, van lining carpet and thermal screens or blackout curtains, will help to make your travels feel truly relaxing. Additions like these are available online from specialist van equipment and accessories retailers such as Van Demon and you needn’t spend much money to get your camper up to scratch.

2. Low cost

When you embark on your four-wheeled adventure, you won’t have to worry about shelling out for hotels, flights, train tickets and so on. Simply fill your camper with fuel and away you go. If you’re travelling with someone else, even better; you’ll be able to split your fuel costs. Campervan holidays allow you to save money on your meals too. Thanks to your trusty stove and other cooking and kitchen equipment, you won’t have to rely on dining out.

3. Total freedom

Climbing into a camper can be a liberating feeling. It allows you to go where you want, when you want – within reason of course! You can decide your next destination on the spot, and stay there as long as you like, meaning you can kiss goodbye to scheduled travel times and pre-booking. These breaks also give you a chance to explore routes and places that most people don’t have a chance to see. If you want to break the holiday mould, simply set a course along those less-travelled lanes.  

4. Getting back to nature

A campervan break gives you the perfect opportunity to get back to nature and to enjoy stunning scenery. You can park up in out-of-the-way places and spend your evenings dining and relaxing in the open air, perhaps with a crackling campfire under the stars. In the mornings when you wake up, throw open your van doors to let in the fresh air and birdsong. From beaches, to forests, to mountains, there’s no limit to the environments you can discover and enjoy.

The best thing is, when you return home and get back into the swing of everyday life, your camper will be waiting right there in your garage or driveway ready for your next road trip.


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