4 Service-Based Business Ideas to Try for 2021

Starting a business might be a milestone you wish to achieve to be financially independent and flexible. Besides, many Brits are taking the entrepreneurial path as statistics show that single-person enterprises make up 76.3% of businesses in the UK. However, as consumers purchase products or services to meet their needs, you need to tailor your business ideas with your consumers’ interests in mind to keep your business thriving. With that in mind, here are top service-based ventures to try out in 2021.

1. Pet-sitting services

If you love animals, then you could set up a pet sitting service. It proves to be lucrative as an estimated 3 million UK households acquired pets during the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as stated by the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association. While you don’t require a licence to operate in the UK, you can join an association for pet-sitters as they offer guidance and a code of conduct and give your clients the assurance they need. You may also prepare your business plan and familiarise yourself with laws affecting your business, such as the Animals Act of 1971. Besides, it will be prudent if you offer services such as dog walking as it gives you an advantage over your competitors.

2. Photography services

You can take your love for photography a step further by transforming it into a money-making venture. Statistics show that the photography industry experienced a 2.2% growth rate from 2014-2019 in the UK and will increase due to high event rates such as weddings and advertisement activities. You don’t require significant capital to start; a good DSLR camera, an artistic eye and editing software are enough to get you started. You may also advertise your services on social media by uploading your photographs for all to see. This way, you can reach potential customers easily.

3. Life coaching services

Perhaps you have a penchant for encouraging and assisting people as they make the most of their lives and fulfil their full potential. Why don’t you make it official by becoming a life coach? Many people require the services of life coaches for reasons such as dealing with procrastination, anger management or self-confidence boost. While life coaching is a vast field, you can choose the areas you want to focus on and the type of people you want to work with. You may want to read a guide to becoming a life coach in the UK to be better equipped for the job.

4. Dry-cleaning and laundry services

Many people might not have time, nor like the idea of doing laundry themselves. Either way, it creates a huge business potential for you. Fortunately, it’s not capital-intensive, as you require constant electricity, a low-cost but large capacity laundry machine and quality detergents for a start. However, you may want to invest in advertising options such as posting flyers in residential neighbourhoods or using your social media accounts. It will also help if you thoroughly research how to wash various fabrics without damaging them.

Starting a service-based business might be less conventional but highly lucrative once you decide what area to specialise in. What’s more, you can easily make money while doing what you love and get the flexibility and financial independence you desire.


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