4 Things to do After a Cancelled Flight in the UK

After your flight has been cancelled, what next? Flight cancellation is not something most people look forward to, especially if they were not informed beforehand. This has become a common occurrence in the UK and it constantly causes great inconvenience to the passengers. However, while you might not be able to do anything about flights being cancelled, there are several other things you can do to get compensated and make up for the time wasted. This article shows some important things you can do after a cancelled flight in the UK.

Expect to Get Notified

Airlines are obligated to inform you of any changes in your flight schedule. Check your email or SMS notification to see if there was any information on the flight being cancelled or rescheduled.

The flight compensation regulation (EU Regulation Nr. 261/2004) requires airlines to inform passengers of any cancellation at least 14 days before departure. If at all you got any notification, check when it was sent. If it was sent less than 14 days or never sent, you might be qualified for monetary compensation from the airline.

The notification will also likely tell you the reason for the cancellation and you might need this eventually when filing for compensation. If there are plans for flight rescheduling, you will also be notified about it. Getting notified is often the first step after flight disruption, to help you know your next course of action.

Find Out the Cause of the Cancellation

There are several reasons why your flight could get cancelled ranging from security to adverse weather conditions, air traffic control restrictions, crew out of time, lack of crew or pilot, and mechanical issues, among others. The airline should inform you of the reason behind the flight cancellation. If it is not included in the notification you got, you can contact them directly to ask. If you are already at the airport, you can simply walk to their front desk to demand the reason why your flight was disrupted.

This is important, as it also determines whether or not you get compensated. If the reason for the cancellation is not within the airline’s control, they are not obligated to compensate you.

Know Your Passenger Rights on Flights

Not every air passenger in the UK is aware of their rights on flights. Knowing your rights is the first step to getting compensation for the great inconvenience caused by the airline. If you are in the UK, the EU 261/2004 regulation, also known as the flight compensation regulation, covers you.

Under this regulation, you are entitled to compensation of €250 – €600, which is calculated based on the flight distance. You are only eligible if your airline took off from a UK or EU airport or lands in one, provided that the airline is headquartered in the EU. The airline must be responsible for the cancellation and you must not have been notified 14 days before departure.

Act Quickly

Once you have established that you are eligible for compensation, get started with the process. Gather all your documents and contact the airline on the next steps to claim your compensation. For a seamless process, you can hire an attorney or request the help of efficient agencies involved in flight compensation for passengers.


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