4 Tips To Make Your Marketing More Commanding

If you feel like your business isn’t reaching the heights it should or garnering enough interest, you may be able to trace problems back to your marketing. Although marketing is an effective and essential tool for all businesses, many companies struggle to make their marketing stand out. Instead, they have too much faith in their product and expect clients and customers to flock to them. Yet ineffective marketing can severely damage your brand and momentum, so it’s beneficial to make your marketing more commanding.

Designate Your Brand Voice

A consistent brand voice is one of the most useful tools a company should take advantage of. Without it, customers (and future customers) will never see the consistency that’s crucial in business. This makes it more difficult to recognise your brand, making it easier for you to fall by the wayside.

There are several steps you can take towards creating your brand voice and establishing your tone, language, and approach. In doing so, you’ll ensure people listen to you, which makes it easier to build relationships with your customers and clients through marketing materials.

Offer Expert Input

However, your brand voice can be as commanding as anything but not be effective if you don’t offer the expected input. As a player in your industry, you should know plenty, which gives you unique insights into different business approaches and trends that you can share via your content.

Still, creating content is not always so easy, especially if you are not gifted with words. You can overcome this by working with an SEO agency that will help your pages rank on search engines and ensure your business is one of the first links customers see.

Try Something Different

Video and blog posts have proven effective throughout the years. But, there will come a point when this approach is too saturated. Rather than inspire excitement in your product, customers will glance past it because they feel they’ve seen it all before.

Trying something different stops your business from falling behind the competition. It means you’ll need to take risks – and those risks may not always work out – but this approach shows that you’re willing to experiment, which may be hugely beneficial for your company. If you want to try something new, why not check out Luminati POS?

Don’t Be Afraid to Boast

Some business owners hold themselves back because they’re too afraid of showing off and coming across as arrogant, particularly if they are new to the industry.

But boasting and showing off are all part of the business. If you don’t celebrate your achievements, who do you expect will? Your competition is always looking to gain an edge, so if you’re too modest to brag, they will brag instead. This can be a steep slope to surmount, so talk about your positive reviews, share testimonials on your website, and don’t forget to include banners signifying competition or award victories.


Standing out in business is crucial if you want to take your company to the next level. Not only will it make people listen to what you have to say, but it will also encourage them to remember your business. Next time, your company will be their first port of call.


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