4 Ways for Startups to Attract and Retain Top Talent

When you need talented people to achieve your objectives as a startup it can be tricky to find the right people. Luring the best talent in to work for an unknown brand takes some special incentives, as does convincing people that putting that special effort in that an unproven company needs will be worth it for your specific business. The good news is, some people really relish the challenge of working for an innovative startup, and love the idea of being a major part of a smaller company.

Even with these kinds of people, however, you need to make your business more appealing than your rivals. Here are four great ways to help attract and retain the people you need:

    1. Flexible Working

Allowing people to work from home regularly is a huge incentive for many professionals, and also benefits you in that you don’t have to provide as many working facilities, and can consider people who live further away or who have family commitments that prevent them from wanting a full time in office job. It is easy to manage thanks to mobile technology, and is one of the most valuable benefits you can offer staff, even though it doesn’t cost you anything!

    1. Parking

If the nature of your business means you do need your team on site some or all of the time, then providing parking can be a huge benefit – especially in cities where it is expensive or hard to come by, or in locations where public transport isn’t a convenient way to get to work. If your site doesn’t have its own parking, check out yourparkingspace.co.uk – many businesses use them to find local parking spaces they can reserve for their employees.

    1. Offer Personal Development

A great way to encourage talented people to join your business is to offer them opportunities to learn. Do you have people on your board who have a lot of experience who could be mentors? Could you give the people filling your new roles chances to train in and learn new technologies or skills while they work for you? Professionals, especially younger ones, tend to want each role they take to help them grow, rather than just giving you the skills they already have. The courses at yourerc.com are a good option for helping your employees develop and expand their skillset.

    1. Social and Personal Perks

Some perks that are not that expensive to provide can make your company look far more appealing. Subsidised or free gym memberships are a good option – or even having your own workout room on site that people can be encouraged to use. Free snacks and beverages are also good (a lot of companies now offer free fruit for people to have for breakfast or snack on), and having regular social events can also make a company feel like a nice place to work, especially for younger professionals who expect a social and networking side to their jobs. Take a look at perkbox.co.uk – it’s the leading platform for offering benefits to your employees.

These things all make life either easier, or more enjoyable for your team, and suggest a supportive and pleasant working culture. Use them combined with financial incentives like bonuses or even equity to get the best people and make them want to stay!


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