5 Great Ways to Use the Power of Social Media at Event Conferences

 Event conferences are a fantastic way to unite people over their passions and enable them to learn more about the fields that fascinate them. Couple all that buzz and talk with social media however and suddenly things can get even more special.

 Wondering how best to use social media at event conferences? Read on for some handy hints and tips.

 Choose A Single Platform

 Social media works best at event conferences when it’s kept simple and easy to keep track of. That means choosing a single platform to work with and then building the focus around that. Twitter is generally the most effective tool for event conferences as you can select your own hashtag to follow. Just make sure you inform people at the beginning of the conference and use reminders of what social platform you’ll be using and how best people can interact.

 Tweeting and Blogging

 Away from a crisp and sleek exhibition display another great way of delivering useful and timely information to attendees is to actually use social media itself. You can plan tweets or blog posts around the conference to help remind people of critical details in the lead-up and on the day. Information you might want to include include transport details, speaker presentations, teasers on what to expect and any details about after parties or the like.

 Answer Questions

 Another way to harness the power of social media to really help bring event conferences to another level is to use them to answer questions on the day. In informing people of how they can reach you, you can set a member of the event team to respond to people’s comments or queries via social media throughout the day. This kind of engagement not only offers value to those in attendance by keeping them informed but it also shows them that they have a key role in the event itself and makes it more likely for them to recommend and come back to future events.

 Direct Discussion

 Social media can also help inject life into presentations or speaker discussions too by sourcing questions from people online and bringing them up in real time during the session itself. This also helps throw open the event and what’s happening to people who, for some reason or another, can’t be present at the event itself. Thus helping its overall promotion and raising its reputation.

 Future Promotion

 The comments and interaction gathered during an event conference via social media can also be used in the event’s aftermath in things like future promotion and branding. Figures and data can be packaged to reflect how successful an event is as well as also providing testimonials and recommendations that can help lead to interest in future events.

 These uses of social media showcase just some of the ways engagement via channels like Facebook, Twitter and blogging platforms can work. Whichever one you choose, understand that social media gives your attendees a whole other experience aside from your event itself.


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