5 Reasons: Why Social Media and SEO should be done together?

Number counts for spreading the words. More mouths mean intense voices and higher chances of getting heard around. We are living in a digital society. Even best of the artist finds crunching numbers of likes and followers on Social Media like Facebook or MySpace. This is why, every business needs social media presence.

When you meet people on social media, they questions your social identity i.e. your website. If you don’t have a website, people are less likely to do business with you. Your website is digital identity.

The Seal of Quality of your website is SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization. You can optimize any website for ranking High on Search Results for a given keyword. However, no webpage can stay higher on search for longer run if it’s not holding valuable content on it. Focus on content while building website, make your brand valueable by means of SEO and go to Social Media to find more mouths, ears and eyeballs.

Here are 5 Reasons of Building Social Media Identity and SEO Together:

1. SEO brings authority but Social Media Quick Majority:

Good SEO brings you organic traffic; given, content is powerful, websites and blogs will link to your site’s homepage or a particular page. More links pointing to your site means higher page rank on Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

SEO is a slow motion process but important; alongside turn to Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon etc). Create high quality posts. Many shall press like and share button and your popularity shall multiply.

2. Harness the power of keywords and hashtags:

While building SEO, we all use various SEO tools to find good quality keywords. Find related hashtags too. Make some of those parts of SEO keywords and speak around popular hashtags on social media. This way, you are trending together for Best Hashtags on Social Media and Best SEO Keywords on Search Engines while saving a lot of time.

3. Paid SEO link building is thing of the past:

Times have gone when link building professionals were on demand. Today, search engine likes only real links pointing to your website. Now to get real human connections turn to Social Media, be active speaker, your friends inside “instagram” are free link builder. Social Media shares have immense brand building power, exploit it with good SEO.

4. Social Media Employ Talk But SEO Means Real Business:

People come to social media for talking, but when buying products or services they go to search engines. Good SEO employs that your website will roll up higher in search results. You may get a prospective client / customer. Anyone buying your product shall like to check your point of contacts and social media is free, quick customer support. Embed social media buttons on your website and blog. While buying a service from you, customers will like to take you in social circles for future reference. Also many will share and speak ‘what they bought today’ or ‘how it is’ an alternate way to popularity.

5. Social Media is New Form of SEO:

A significant percentage of people also search on Social Media for products and services. This gives them much ease to compare between products, prices and choose the one best suitable for needs. Make top keywords, your popular hashtag and speak around it. You will get some good link credibility as well as potential customers.


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