5 reasons why starting your own business is the right choice for you.

According to statistics, around 550,000 people become entrepreneurs every month and in 2016 alone, 25 million people started their own business. Is it because we are all growing disenfranchised with the working week and big business? Or are there really that many opportunities out there just waiting to be plucked from the sky?

Here we’ll highlight five of the top reasons why starting your own business might not just be a nice idea, but a lucrative one too.

Freedom – Being able to cast off the shackles of 9-5 oppression is comfortably one of the primary reasons so many people decide to start their own business and who can blame them? For those of us that value the idea of being in control of our own destiny there can be few concepts as thrilling as striking out on our own and forging our own career path.

Legacy – We all wasn’t to be able to leave behind something more than a well-maintained corpse. Indeed, building a legacy is often cited as one of the primary reasons why business owners decide to throw their hats in the ring. There’s a sense of ownership and stability that comes with running a business that you will be able to pass on to your kids when you retire and there’s a sense of pride that comes with that too.

Independence – The idea of having nobody to answer to apart from yourself (besides your customers and clients, of course) is what sets many brave souls on the path of business ownership. Independence means being able to be more hands-on at work and to build something from the ground up that you are genuinely invested in.

Money – If you have hit the glass ceiling at your current job and can’t see a way forward to earning the kind of wage that you deserve then the best course of action might be to sever ties and forge your own path. Recent history is littered with examples of small ‘side businesses’ that became careers when they took off and it’s never been easier to get a business loan. Even if you have a less than stellar credit rating, there might be a loan out there that is suitable for you. Indeed, there is a whole market in bad credit business loans that exists to help wannabe entrepreneurs find their footing, regardless of what bad luck they might have had in the past.

Boredom – If we stick at the same job for years, even decades, and feel as if we’re not really being challenged it can lead to boredom and (even worse) indifference. Running your own business, on the other hand, is anything but boring. Running a small business means taking on a different role every day and that’s part of what makes it so exhilarating and so rewarding.

Whatever reason you have for starting a business, there are thousands of resources available online to help you get started. So, don’t be afraid – you’re not alone and you never will be. Welcome to the limitless world of the entrepreneur!


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