5 Steps to Hosting a Celebrity Twitter Chat.

Are you hosting a Twitter Chat with a Celebrity? Maybe someone with 100k Followers, 1million Followers, or even more? Follow these steps and use a Nurph Channel to host a Twitter Chat Show.

5) Plan a Chat

Schedule your Twitter Chat on Nurph in just a few button clicks. Add the Time and Topic, and click Save. Voila! You now have dedicated Chat page with which to promote your Twitter Chat.



4) Create a Guest List

Add your Celebrity and a select number of friends/fans to the guest list. Maybe 10 or 20 people who you think would make a great audience with the Celebrity.



3) Take the Stage

Enter your Nurph Channel at the start of the chat. The people on the guest list can chat together without the conversation overflowing with too many tweets and participants. Everyone on Twitter can still tweet in to your Twitter Chat hashtag just as they could before, but now your Nurph Channel becomes an additional “Stage” area where the conversation can stay focused between key contributors.



2) Channel Your Audience

Your Celebrity can tweet a link to the Nurph Channel so that thousands or even millions of people across the World can watch the chat happening in real-time. A Twitter account isn’t required; anyone who clicks on the Nurph Channel URL can tune in to watch the chat. And the total Viewers are counted up, just like with TV ratings.



1) Watch & Share Replays

You’ve had an amazing Twitter Chat with a Celebrity. So don’t let it fade away. Nurph automatically records your chat and creates a Replay that can be shared and re-watched by everyone.



A Celebrity Twitter Chat We Would Love to See

@BoardGameHour@GeekAndSundry, and @TableTopDay recently hosted a fantastic “International Tabletop Day” Twitter Chat. We play boardgames here at Nurph HQ; it would be amazing to see @wilw and the@tabletop celebrity guests hosting Twitter Chats about their favourite boardgames. @BoardGameHour,@GeekAndSundry@wilw – let’s make this happen!


It’s time to make more of your Celebrity Twitter Chats. Schedule a chat on Nurph, chat in real-time, and build up an audience. Tweet @Nurph to find out more – we’re happy to help!


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