5 Tactics to Increase Your Followers on Twitter

Twitter was once the platform for witty gags who came back to people with their sharp replies but the time has changed. Now Twitter has evolved as a major place for businesses to grow and connect with larger audiences.

The major aspect for your business to grow on Twitter is gaining good followers. Many are there who buy followers or spend tons on running ads. But what if you get to know that you can gain followers on Twitter without spending a dime and that too very easily?

Yes, you heard it right this article will take you through some of the easy and fruitful hacks that will help your business to focus on gaining followers organically on Twitter.

But first, begin with knowing about what is the cruciality of retaining good followers on Twitter for your brands and businesses.

Get along with this article till the end to know everything.

Why Having Good Followers On Twitter Is Crucial?

Twitter may not be as prominent as the social media giant Facebook but you should take Twitter seriously as it comes with the ability to connect your brand with a global audience. If you want to take your business to a read worldwide then don’t miss out on the chance to gain your followers on Twitter.

Twitter is a platform that has a huge and strong base of international users which has nearly half of the American users. Other than this most Twitter users are millennials and Gen Z who choose to connect with business. Audiences of these two generations are the ideal and easy target as it covers a huge market demographic of the companies.

Millennials and Gen Z are very experimental and always ready to try new brands and companies. The world market has changed a lot today. The main reason is these two generations.

Now that you know some basics of why you need to get more followers on Twitter let’s get into the points that will tell how you can achieve it organically and focus on little things.

Worthful Strategies To Get More Followers On Twitter

Before you get into the below worthwhile strategies for getting more followers it is important for you to first focus on the quality and not the quantity of followers. Remember that if you have only 100 followers make sure they are the ones who care for business.

Let’s get into the strategies now.

1. Modify your Twitter profile

First of all, you need to pay attention to your profile. If you are not keeping your Twitter profile up to date then it is the main factor for offending your followers.

The first thing that your audience will go through is the Twitter profile so make it attractive. How can you do it? The profile picture is the main thing that should be updated and you need to keep a profile picture that clearly explains your brand. The size of your profile picture must be not big or small but the perfect size. The ideal size for your profile picture is 400px by 400px square.

The next thing after the profile picture is your profile bio. The bio of your Twitter profile must be informative and complete under 160 characters. Your profile bio must explain to your followers what is your business and what they are getting from your brand. It must be searchable as well which is why you need to add relatable keywords, other than that your brand website, location, and contact number. Let’s move on to other points.

2. Instantly engage your followers

Engaging with your audience comes with a high chance of attracting more followers to your Twitter profile. Thus, today it is very important to get rid of the strategies and focus on the updated matric as a fan growth strategy. Your content is the main thing so if your audience is not engaging with then then it is a waste.

Your audience must interact with your content by sharing their likes and comments which helps to reach your content to their followers. It works by endorsing your content to gain engagement which boosts reach and visibility bringing more followers.

For maximizing engagement with your audience, the easiest strategy is to respond to their comments. Next comes giving quick replies to the DMs of your Twitter followers. This strategy has proved to be very successful in gaining followers for many big companies.

3. Tweet daily and stay active

Make it a daily routine to post on your Twitter and stay active if you want to gain followers. If you are thinking that posting once a week will work to meet your followers’ expectations then you are on the wrong page. There is a possibility that you can lose your followers rather than gain.

As per the studies of CoSchedule, it has been found that you need to quote and retweet a maximum of seven times each day and if you are posting original content then you need to post 15 tweets daily (Source: Neil Patel). Make a schedule of your posts as per daily, weekly, and monthly routines.

4. Scheduling Tweets

Twitter is not like other non-chronological networks thus, it matters a lot the time you are choosing to post on Twitter. Make sure you are choosing the time to post when your audience is mostly active because your post needs to be seen by your audience. If your posts have less visibility it will affect engagement, traffic, and followers as well.

Thus, choose a high engagement time when your audience is mostly active on the platform. It is found in the data of Sprout Social that the average highest engagement time of the audience on Twitter globally is between 9 AM to 1 PM on Tuesdays, between 9 AM to 3 PM on Wednesdays, between 1 to 11 AM on Thursdays, and between 9 to 10 AM on Friday Source: Neil Patel). The same study has found that Wednesday is the best day when branded content gets better reach.

5. Embed Twitter Feeds to the website

You have the option to convert the traffic of your website into your Twitter profile. It is a counterproductive strategy. Your audience makes sure to visit your website before every purchase.

So, if you look at the larger picture your website attracts larger traffic from the audience which is a great opportunity for your brand to bring conversion. Thus, embed Twitter feeds on your website professionally. There is a high chance that the people who are visiting your website also have a Twitter account. Thus, there is a possibility that your website audience may take them to your Twitter profile and even follow you too if they think fit.

Wrapping Up

If you want to catapult your business to new heights it is high time to take leverage of Twitter which has millions of international users. It is not as hard as you think to gain good followers on Twitter.

This article has shared with you the worthy strategies to gain followers on Twitter without spending a dime making it easy for you. And has explained to you the cruciality of gaining followers on Twitter for your brands and businesses.

Use this strategy and gain followers on Twitter with less hassle.


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