5 Things that you should never post on social media

Social media is now the best way to interact with many people around the world. Millions of users post every day on different social media platforms. Some have even more than one social media account. People share thoughts and personal feelings but sharing too much information isn’t always good.

Even previously secretive people at top online american casinos who like gambling are sharing their online gambling success stories. Everyone can see whatever you post if you don’t change privacy options. However, some privacy options can be bypassed by hackers so it is not always safe. Sharing personal information can be dangerous for you. Here are some things you should never post on social.

  1. Personal matters

Whatever is posted on the social media pages is for everyone to see. You should not post your private or personal matters allowing the world to know what is going on. It’s always good to keep your life private especially sensitive issues.

  1. Personal contacts

It is better to give your personal contact details to someone you trust in their inboxes than to put everything on your wall. There are some crazy people that you don’t even know that will start buzzing your phone or visiting your house.

  1. Full details of vacation plans

Sharing all the details about the vacation you are planning is not advisable. Posting the exact date for your vacation, just think how many thieves you’re inviting to come and rob your house. Remember not everyone on your social networks is good. Some people are up to no good.

  1. Personal location

Posting your personal location is good however it can expose you to other dangers like getting robbed. With all the hate in the world, weird people will always want to know your location and use it to their advantage. Imagine you won a jackpot from online sports betting sportsbook and you post your location? You are exposing yourself to criminals.

  1. Content with your friends in it without permission

Sharing pictures, videos or location with your friends in the content without their permission can create tension between you and your friends. Some people want to keep everything private therefore if you planning to post such content, it’s ethical to ask for their approval first.


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