5 Tips for Improving Productivity by Relaxing

Think about it, you are increasing your productivity by doing nothing. It sounds too good to be true, right? But this is as factual as it gets. One of the best ways to get the head working efficiently is by giving it enough rest. You can’t keep working like clockwork and thinking your productivity would increase, nah – there is one thing called diminishing marginal productivity. So how do you get more out of your work by relaxing? That is the million dollar question that I have answered by giving you 5 tips for improving productivity by relaxing. Just so you know, wine and wine glasses are important to this.

Here are the 5 tips to improving your productivity by relaxing.

1. Set your priorities

By arranging your to-do list in order of importance, you are giving yourself more chance of success. The fact that you know which activity that can easily be disregarded and which to focus on gives the mind a bit of assurance and rest. This helps the set the mood for your relaxation process.

2. Get out of your workspace

You can’t possibly be relaxing when you can see the work to do right in front of you. Get out – it is not only good for Daniel Kaluuya, it is also good for you. You don’t have to go a very long distance from work, just a short walk will do. Your brain tend to work better when it isn’t overtly focused on a particular task.

3. Maintain a certain working hour

What this means is to not go beyond a particular working hour cap. It is often said that working beyond 40 hours per week tend to reduce your productivity. This is not just a myth to get out of work, it is proven by research and scientific study. So ensure that your working hours do not exceed this range and you can ensure that your productivity is at its most optimal.

4. Sleep

This is the best form of relaxation. Your body cannot keep working like clockwork for days, trust me a breakdown is all that awaits you. A breakdown (physical or mental) does not do you any good, it would only lead to correction of work or outright rework. You are getting more work done by just having a few hours of rest and sleep. Anything between five and eight hours daily will keep you increasing your productivity daily.

5. Drink wine

There is nothing more relaxing than sipping wine from a wine glasses. There is a certain freedom that it brings, an unexplainable feeling of bliss that renews the mind, your body and the brain. Wine which already helps in reducing risk of heart diseases, will make sure your body is at its best for work. So when you see those wine glasses, remember you are helping your productivity too.

Your health is the most important thing in the world. Relax, enjoy some fresh air, keep your mind at peace and drink wine from wine glasses. Do all these, and you will see you are the most productive worker in your office.


Esther Ruiz is the creator and founder of crystaldecor.com. An expert in wine and glasses. She is a lover of all things good. A writer by day, a writer by night – she loves writing about herself in the third person, makes her feel good about herself. Why listen to me? Cos I got a great taste in music and wine.





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