5 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog including sharing on social media.

We all know the disappointment of putting in the time and effort to write marketing pieces, statuses articles and blogs etc to find the views and visits are less than impressive. Here are 5 top tips to help improve the traffic to your website or blog.

5 Top Tips:

1. Be consistent

If you don’t have enough time to write at least 3 blogs per week- you shouldn’t have your own blog. Providing regular interesting information to the right target will generate a natural growth in following. If you start finding you are inconsistent with your publishing find other active bloggers and provide them your content. If it’s good they will be pleased to post it.

2. Timing

When is the best time to publish your blog? If you are writing for stay at home mums then publishing blogs at 8.30am is not going to be very effective- however, if you are targeting business leaders this may be a prime time while they are commuting into the city. TEST and MEASURE your blogs with your stats!

3. Be Interesting

Your readers are looking for value in the information you provide. Make sure you read your own blogs- if sections do not add value to the topic, DELETE IT.

5. Share, Share, Share….

Promote your blog. Make sure you are putting links to it in relevant Facebook and LinkedIn groups. Publish to all your profiles (all the best blogging sites can arrange this to happen automatically) and influence engagement. Send a link to new blog articles to your network and ask them to share it. Tweet your blog to industry leaders asking for their feedback, if it provides value to their followers they will re-tweet it!


Good luck!




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