6 Proven Ways to Manage Your Trade Show

No matter how digital our world becomes, nothing can replace the value of in-person interactions. Trade fairs present excellent opportunities for companies to broadcast their new products, keep abreast with recent trends and see what their competitors are doing differently. If a potential customer likes what they see, you might leave the fair having made a sale. However, any event organizer will tell you that setting up and managing a trade show booth is not a walk in the park. Here are a few tips on managing your trade show.

Bring your A-team

The people working at your trade booth are the face of your company for the day. If they are unfriendly or don’t seem knowledgeable, they risk chasing potential clients away and ruining your company’s reputation. Therefore, it would be wise to choose outgoing, knowledgeable, and articulate staff to work at your trade booth who can portray a professional image.

Create a to-do list and schedule

A to-do list might seem trivial, but it is essential to ensure you don’t forget any important element of your trade fair booth. Start by creating a list of necessities such as furniture, banners, and stationery. You can then group each requirement into categories such as staff, demo, and booth, among others.

Invest in an eye-catching display

Research reveals that the attention span of a human lasts about eight seconds. Yes, you only have a few seconds to capture your clients’ attention. The best way to do this is to invest in exemplary trade show displays and branding aspects that will make you stand out. It would help to limit the use of text and use more visual representation that will guarantee you will get noticed from afar.

Create a product demo

Potential customers experiencing your brand for the first time will be interested in seeing how your product works. A simple PowerPoint presentation could do wonders in convincing your clients to purchase your products. A better alternative would be to do a live demo, which will give visitors to your booth an actual user experience.

Spice up the staff attire

Polo shirts inscribed with the company logo are nice but not good enough to make your booth impossible to miss. If you want your booth to be a success, you could go a step further to add a splash of color to the staff attire. For instance, you could make the design more vivid and have the staff working at the booth wear fedoras in line with the theme colors.

Befriend the event organizers

The event organizer is a valuable asset to the success of your trade fair booth. You could ask them to give you tips on the best location to set up your booth and how best to arrange your display to attract customers. Your event planner could also grant you permission to include props or play music to add some oomph to your display.

Wrapping up

That’s it, you can look forward to a vibrant and successful trade show! As you learn how to manage your trade booth, it would also help to plan early. Ensure you formulate strategies that will make your event a success!


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