6 things employers look for on your CV

If you’re applying for a new job, your first step is to get your CV up to date. This is the first thing an employer will use to make a shortlist of applicants, so it’s important that you include all the right information and know how to make yours stand out from the rest. Below are six common things to include:

Relevant skills
Include a section about your skills. The employer will have detailed the skills that they are looking for in the job advert for convergys call centre jobs, so go back and have a look over it. Be sure to back up your skills with examples but don’t go overboard with detail; save this for the interview.

Spelling, grammar and punctuation
According to HR Review, a recent poll revealed that 87 per cent of employers find spelling and grammar mistakes the most annoying when it comes to CVs. Don’t rely on spell check alone and take the time to check that your grammar and punctuation is correct. If you can’t get this right, do you think an employer will trust you sending out communication on behalf of the business? Have a friend or family member spot check your CV too.

Job history and experience
An obvious one, but making sure you list all your previous jobs and work experience is important. The best employers probably receive hundreds of CVs on a daily basis and if you miss off the simple details like these, they won’t give you a second look. If you have a long list of jobs, tailor your CV to include the most relevant ones for this position. Under each job role and company, list your roles and responsibilities so the employer can get a feel for your experience and strengths.

Is it unique?
In an ideal world, you’ll save time by sending out the same CV and covering letter to every job you apply for. However, employers don’t want this. They want to see a unique CV. They want to see that you’ve related your skills and experience to the role in question. This is a sign that you’re really keen and have spent time making sure your CV is as relevant as possible.

No clichés
Employers are really put off by clichés so avoid them where possible! According to The Telegraph, a recent study revealed the ten phrases that annoy employers the most: ‘I can work independently’, ‘I’m a team player’ and ‘I’m a hard worker” are just some of them. Research the others so you can stay well clear of these off-putting terms!

Good layout and order
You probably have the best part of 30 seconds to instantly capture the employer’s attention so make sure you have everything in the correct layout and order, otherwise you’ll be put to the back of the pile. Presentation isn’t everything but it is important, so having a good format will allow the hirer to read your CV with ease and work in your favour.


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