A marketing solution that is literally staring you in the face?

Yep, that’s right…

You use Social Media for your business but do your customers know that you are on Instagram or Twitter?

If you own a Hair Salon or Barbershop then a solution is staring you in the face. Let us introduce you to Mirrortag™ a revolutionary and cost effective marketing solution for your business which you can install in seconds and will allow your customers to very easily follow you on your preferred Social Media profiles.

It really doesn’t get much simpler or cost effective than our solution which are fully customised with your usernames. This is such an important part of any social media interaction. There is no point in simply sticking a Twitter bird or a Facebook ‘f’ on your window as your customers won’t find you online and you will miss out on that all important follow or like.

Our solution utilises the power of the Social Media network coupled with your Username so your customer can find you and follow you from the comfort of your chair which opens up a whole new layer of conversation and marketing opportunities.

You can have your Mirrortag™ in either a horizontal or vertical arrangement starting at just £3.99 and we offer either 2,3 or 4 disc sizes to give you the maximum opportunity to display your Social Media presence is a really cost effective and professional manner. All you need to do is select which size you require and choose from the following designs;

– Twitter

– Facebook

– Instagram

– Vine

– Pinterest

– G+

​Here’s what Manoj Solanki, owner of Hair Logics and Man.oj Mens Grooming had to say;

We had our social media accounts setup but most of our customers were not aware of them so having them displayed on our mirrors has made such a difference. Customers can now follow us and like us directly from the comfort of their chair which allows us to keep them updated with our current news and offers.

Installing them was super simple and they look fantastic and we’ve now got them on our salon windows too
You will soon be able to order the Mirrortag™ products right from our store!


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