A New Years Social Media Resolution:

2014 is all about Social Media for businesses – Where it’s heading, How quickly it’s evolving and How much it can benefit your brand.

So now is more important than ever to make sure your social media accounts are as sharp and up-to-date as possible.

Try these tips to make the most of your social media campaigns this year:

1)      Try something different – A New Year means that you can get away with experimenting and seeing what works for YOUR business individually. For example, a competition could be included in your daily posts, increasing engagement with your followers. You could try a different tone of writing, asking more questions to catch their attention. Now’s the time to try these different ideas and see which proves most effective, ready to implement for 2014.

2)      Clean up accounts – For a fresh start, clean up the following on your accounts. Unfollow those who don’t follow back, and those who have little or no activity (they are unlikely to engage with you over social media and obviously don’t use it alot!) This will make your profile look a lot cleaner, encourage more following and make room for you to follow more people too! Following less people will also make it clearer to you who is tweeting about topics related to your business and allow you to engage with them more easily.

3)      Spend some time strategically following – A New Year could mean an influx of new social media users. Therefore, have a look at rival company’s followers and do some research to find those who are interested in the services you offer.

4)      Search for new hashtags – New hashtags could have been created in the New Year, which relate to your business. So select a few relative topics and see if a hashtag has been made! If it hasn’t, why not create one yourself to increase brand awareness!

It’s great to start the New Year with a new plan for your social media. So see what changes are most effective for your company and focus on them!


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