A quick guide to using and being successful with Twitter.


This social media platform is an ideal place for you to convey the true meaning of your business, showcase your personality and allow followers to know more about you and your business. Your 140 character limit allows you to communicate to an audience that compared to many other platforms, is alive and responsive immediately to relevant updates and shares. The way in which you say your message can hugely impact how you are seen by others, you are judged on the knowledge you hold, how and when you update and how active your account is, the quality of the content and the audience you are building…

Key points to consider when using Twitter:

  • Look to stand out from the crowd. Look at what others are doing and better them. There is still a massive gap in the world of social media to really establish your brand. Dig deep within your business to pull out interest content to share, think outside of the box and not only post products / services, but educate your audience to the core benefits of them choosing you, your brands history, staff, location, tools, reviews, onsite photos and more…
  • Try and be ‘human’. Look to be responsive to those who take time to communicate with you or share / retweet your content. Respond in a friendly and professional manner.
  • Tone of voice can change a word’s or a sentence’s meaning. When you speak you have tone and you can change the meaning of what you say simply by raising or stressing your voice. On Twitter use your 140 characters to tone out your message, think polite, friendly and attention grabbing by using symbols, caps lock (when needed and used conservatively) and hashtags.
  • Be active and be present. Respond to positive comments by thanking those who take time to write them, retweet or favourite positive comments and return the favour by retweeting their content. Create lists of those who you connect with well so you can easily look through their content and share their updates as and when. Respond to negative comments and feedback immediately and look to conclude each on Twitter so onlookers can see how you deal with these situations – Hopefully the situation goes from complaint through to being resolved. Also, know when to takes things from Twitter to other forms of communications, offer help email addresses, direct telephone numbers to take things beyond 140 characters – Think about using Direct Message facility.


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