AdsSupply Platform Review

AdsSupply, at, is a new digital advertising platform for marketers of all experience levels. The platform allows users to create custom ad campaigns for a variety of advertisers on a CPL (cost-per-lead) basis. The AdsSupply platform puts creative control of the marketing campaign in the hands of each marketer. Through association with many publisher networks and CPL advertisers, AdsSupply allows users to select the category or industry of the ad they create, tailor the content to the desired audience, and target each ad to the appropriate demographics to generate as many hot leads as possible.

– How can you start advertising?

AdsSupply stands out due to its integration of functionalities into a single, user-friendly interface. Members (i.e., marketers) choose which category of advertisers they want to work with (or multiple categories) and can customize creatives like Calls-to-Action (CTAs) and graphics. One of the standout features of AdsSupply is that it is designed to be used by marketers with a range of experience, from newbies to veterans. If some users feel a bit overwhelmed by the many customizable options, all they have to do is create and launch their banner ad campaign, and AdsSupply will handle the rest. Plus, the platform’s advanced tracking system allows users to keep a close watch on the engagement rates and effectiveness of their ad campaigns, and adjust the ads accordingly to optimize profitability.

The advertising process on the AdsSupply platform is incredibly simple and straightforward, consisting of four main steps:

Select: The first step is to choose a category and decide which product or service you would like to promote.

Define: Using AdsSupply’s customization options, the next step is to create a banner ad for the chosen product or service with unique images and call-to-action (CTA). In other words, you decide the message you want your ad to convey.

Publish: By going live with your ad, you showcase its content across the multiple publisher networks partnered with AdsSupply. Hundreds of thousands of web users will be exposed to your ad from the moment you launch it.

Collect: Through the cost-per-lead (CPL) model, you earn commissions on every lead your ad generates. Making money through advertising has never been this simple.

A few factors make AdsSupply a massive leap forward in the digital marketing world. The platform’s dashboard interface is specifically designed to be streamlined and uncluttered, making it accessible to a broader audience of online marketers, even with little to none tech acumen. Its selection process lets users choose which advertisers to promote, giving users control of their revenue stream by selecting the most profitable options. Marketers can create ads quickly and easily, providing an opportunity for potentially ever-increasing profit (note it’s not guaranteed, you still have to put in some time, capital, and effort, just like in any other business).

– How can you make money using the platform?

The cost-per-lead (CPL) model of AdsSupply makes earning money quite simple and straightforward. What is means is that marketers get paid based on the number of leads their targeted ads generate. Advertisers’ pay rates per lead vary, both between and within industries, but AdsSupply allows members to choose the advertisers with whom they want to work. A user can decide to work with the most profitable advertisers in categories with which they share a connection, or they can “play the field” by experimenting with ads in a plethora of categories. Using AdsSupply’s tracking system, online marketers can assess the engagement rate of their ads and adjust the content to improve results. This means users can respond in real-time to accurate tracking data and spot profitable trends in their audience’s response to their campaign. Thus, not only does AdsSupply offer a platform on which to create ad campaigns easily (with no technical skills needed), but it also effectively teaches marketers how to improve their ad concepts. Better ads equal potentially more profit for the user.

– The bottom line.

AdsSupply is a platform that represents a breakthrough in accessibility for online marketers of all stripes. Veterans of the industry will enjoy the advanced tracking system and streamlined interface of the platform, while new and “greener” users will be pleased with the emphasis on simple mechanics that do not require a hardcore background in tech or digital advertising. The platform has another crucial element that’s important for users: its partnership with a wide range of publisher networks. Through this unique combination of accessibility, usability, data-driven metrics, and publishing partnerships, AdsSupply makes earning a living (or some extra income) through digital marketing more accessible than it has ever been.

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