Advanced Tips on How to manage Off-page SEO (and why it’s important)!!

SEO or search engine optimization is a complicated and continuous process. It comprises a lot of tasks. Besides optimizing website contents, you have to give importance to what is happening outside the website. If you do not perform off-page SEO, there are chances for your website to lose its ranking.
One of the important off-page activities that help search engines to validate your website SEO is backlinks. In simple words, it is the method paying importance to how your business website is showcased across the internet. If you wish to increase ranking and chances of success, it is important to perform off-page SEO equal to on-page SEO. In this blog, let us discuss effective Off-page techniques and how it benefits your business.

First, Let us know Why Off-page SEO is important?

Search engines consider several factors when ranking your website both On-page and Off-page. Certain factors like keyword usage, meta titles and meta description come under On-page SEO category. To explain clearly, on-page involves activities within your website.
It is equally important to focus on Off-site or Off-page SEO that consists of activities outside your website. One of the best examples of off-page SEO is backlinks. It is one of the important ranking factors as they allow search engines determine how much other sites value your content. When people talk SEO, they refer both off-page and on-page practices. Both works hand in hand when it comes to displaying your website on first page of top search engines.
However, whatever you are doing, ensure to measure whether the changes are giving the results you expected.

Are you searching for new Off-page SEO techniques that work for your website? Then, we got you covered.

Here are 5 Advanced tips to manage your Off-page SEO:

If you are aware of the best tools and trending practices for On-page SEO, then you need to start brushing your Off-site SEO skills. Let us look at few trending off-page SEO activities and discuss how to perform these new Off-page SEO techniques in detail.

1. Be lively on Social media:

You would have noticed most of your favorite brands being active and lively on social media. They remain active for various reasons. When you remain active on social networks, it improves engagement with current followers as well as enhances the chances of target audience or new clients to find you. The association between SEO and social media is complicated. But, it is clear that maintaining a better social presence helps in a great way in search rankings. If you have optimized your profiles well, it will also be seen in search engine results.
If you want to manage multiple social media accounts efficiently, you need to consider using a service like Buffer so as to plan posts in advance.

2. Concentrate on creating quality backlinks:

In SEO, backlinks are one of the most important and hot debated topics. Backlinks are links to your website created from other sites. Search engine gives importance to website that has a lot of quality backlinks. It should be higher than your competitors. If you have lot of relevant sites linking to your website, it means you are doing right SEO.
Though not all backlinks have the same value, it is important to build HQ backlinks that are effective for your website. It takes patience and time.
• Create high engaging contents
• Request other website owners (who are in same niche) to add your page links
• Comment on blogs where readers find your website relevant
• Search for guest blogging openings
Out of our experience, we have found that content creation matters first and outreach is second. When your website is more established, it will become simple to get backlinks. If you have well enough contents, people will consider linking it without backing on your end.

3. Experiment with different kinds of content:

It is not a bad idea to focus on your strengths. But still, it is important to know that all people would not digest contents in the same manner. Online articles are famous among certain audiences and at the same time PodCasts, Infographics or video is preferred by some audiences. It means you need to produce different kinds of contents for your website. Visual content is the best option for enhancing your SEO that is with both Off-page and On-page. Some of the ways to create content for your new audiences are as follows:
• Create a video tutorial utilizing screen recordings and add voice-over narration.
• Develop Infographics by using a beginner-friendly and free tool like Canva.
• Record yourself conversing the topic with specialists in podcast format.

4. Improve the performance of your website

No person wishes to browse a slow website. A website is considered slow when the pages take a long time to load and get less traffic and engagement. If your website is very slow, other sites will not link your website at all. It can affect your entire off-page SEO strategies. One of the best ways to fix this issue is by tracking the performance of your sites at all times. If you find your page loading times is beginning to increase, you have to fix the issue before it affects your SEO efforts.

5. Establish as a professional in your niche

There are chances, where you will follow at least one person who is an expert in your field. You may track their social media accounts and keep checking their website every time and so on. Remember, when people see you as an expert, they will pay full attention to what you say. When you start to publish quality contents, you have to make use of more opportunities like guest posting, backlinks and social media. All these help your website to rank in first page of search engine.
In simple words, to improve your website’s outreach potential, you need to build the reputation of your website. To make it happen, you have to do the following actions:
• Engage with your viewers constantly. It can be either through social media or your website.
• Publish thorough and well-researched content consistently.
• Network with other specialists in your field.
If you are frequently blogging, then you can follow other WordPress websites like WP Tavern. Such sites become valued assets within a particular niche by adding useful and relevant content which speaks to potential audiences.


If you wish search engines to give importance to your website, you have to optimize your content to obtain their attention. You should put a lot of efforts into off-page SEO to raise your website ranking quickly. Off-page is not hard as you imagine. Implementing these five quick and easy ways to manage Off-page SEO can make your SEO strategy more effective. If you have any questions or got more effective ideas, feel free to share in the comment section below.

Sam Makwana – VP of Marketing at Traffic Radius

I am a passionate digital marketer with a creative and analytical mindset. My skill lies in adopting a holistic approach and designing solutions based on the latest marketing trends and web paradigms. With my knowledge and understanding of the various elements of SEO, I believe in adopting an integrated approach for devising effective strategies.


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