AI: The Saving Grace of Gambling Addicts?

It is fair to say that artificial intelligence is infiltrating just about every industry on the planet. While some see it as a case of nothing is safe from the advance of the robots, the real truth is that AI can actually handle complex data at massive speeds and be genuinely helpful to humans, as explains, in the case of BetBuddy, a new software tool in the online casino arena.

AI in Gambling

There are already several examples of AI at work in online casinos, and the purpose of BetBuddy is to break down the controversy and stigma associated with the additional issue when it comes to gambling. It would be totally impractical and pretty much impossible for casino staff to monitor every player. This might work in a brick and mortar casino in Las Vegas, but online it isnt even conceivable until you factor in AI. With BetBuddy patterns and habits are clocked, analysed and assessed in fractions of a second allowing potential addictions to be prevented before the worst can happen. From automatic lockouts to restricted access the conception is still in early testing, but this is promising and great news for improving the player care side of the industry.

Data Collection

It is fair to say that in the business side of online casinos data is vital, and companies have historically invested a lot of time and of course money into employing people to collect the critical information and analyse it. This involves spotting trends and habits in much the same way as Bet Buddy, but this time it is for development purposes to that both the casino and the software houses can ensure that they are responding to the wants and needs of the customer. In terms of customer retention, it is no different than any other industry; online casinos want to make sure they are offering the products that meet demand.

Across the Table

The uses of AI in the gambling industry is not limited to the house side of the tables either. Players have developed ways to use AI to their advantage with services like Sharkscope which has been designed to work the poker tables and gather data to predict gameplay which in turn is used to help players beat the table, increase wins and of course, bring in more significant sums of money. It clearly then wont be long before other popular casino games are hijacked in this manner, and it will be interesting to see how much is chance and how much is predictable with the advanced AI brain on the case.

It is safe to say that AI advancements are really exciting for the online gaming industry and while there is still a way to go until the full potential is realised, these early forays have proven that AI can be harnessed as a powerful tool, and with most things AI it is looking like the only limits will be the imaginations of the coders behind the magic.


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