Amazing Award Trophies

Nearly every industry will have an array of awards open to them recognising both company and individual efforts annually and usually on a grand stage involving black-tie dinners and after parties. From certificates to trophies with medals in between, it is a great achievement to get recognised within your industry which boosts confidence as well as improves profiles and increases business opportunities.

From smaller bespoke awards to the grand national media attention grabbing events held in the glamour spots of London, industry awards are wide and varied and ultimately will climax with the major prize being handed out in front of a blanket of flashing bulbs and busy writing journalists preparing the next mornings headlines.

In this article we wanted to take a look at the trophies themselves and the main one which is handed out – What do they look like, which is the most glamorous and for what industry do they represent.

Here are some amazing award trophies that are handed out every year in the UK:

Dewar Trophy photo credit

Dewar Trophy – photo credit:

The Royal Automobile Club’s Dewar Trophy: Celebrates outstanding British technical achievement in the automotive industry. The trophy is awarded only in years in which the Club’s Technical Committee believes that there are contenders of sufficient merit, and the list of previous winners includes some of the greatest names in motoring history. Rover was recognised in 1950 for its work on gas-turbine cars, and Dunlop received the trophy in 1957 for its development of disc brakes as well as tyres for the record-breaking MG EX181.

The Worlds Finest Glass of Bubbly Award 2017

The Worlds Finest Glass of Bubbly Award – Photo Credit:

The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly Trophy: The world’s finest Champagne and sparkling wines are judged each year in central London with a selection of medals and trophies handed out. The main title winners receive annually this amazing Carynx trophy which is a hand made wine cooler taking over 71 hours of workmanship by skilled craftsmen. Previous winners of this prestigious wine award include Champagne Detuz and Villa Sandi.

Gold Cup winners 2016

Gold Cup winners 2016 – Photo credit:

NMR RABDF Gold Cup: Since its inception in 1920 the Gold Cup has been the most coveted award in the dairy industry and has been won by some of the most influential breeders. Combining elements of production, inspection and genetic management, the trophy is regarded as an award for all round excellence. The monetary value of the cup changes with the price of gold but is of the order of £100,000, however, its true value is the prestige it conveys to the winner.

Threlford Cup

Threlford Cup – Photo Credit:

Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) Award (Threlford Memorial Cup): The awards celebrate the importance of language and cultural understanding, the value of languages to business and industry and excellence in language learning. The Threlford Cup is awarded for a significant contribution to fostering the study of languages.

Golden Shears Award

Golden Shear Award – Photo credit:

Golden Shear Award: Supports the tailors of the future with the bi-annual Golden Shears Contest. Tailoring students and apprentices from throughout the country vie for the coveted Golden Shears awards. Each entrant makes a tailored outfit for first stage judging by top bespoke tailors. Marks are awarded for technical skill – design, cutting and tailoring.


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