Apply These Secret Techniques to Improve Your Logo Design on Social Media

The logo you use on social media is an extension of your brand image and can help you attract or repel customers. It is a crucial part of your visual identity, so you have to select it carefully. If you are working on your logo, then you may want to consider these techniques to make it better.

Think Beyond Your Industry

Although you can use the typical industry images in your logo, it is better to think beyond the usual symbols. For example, if you are in website development, then the typical industry images tend to be computers and keyboards. The travel industry is filled with images of airplanes and suitcases. On the other hand, businesses in the wedding industry often end up with logos filled with rings and bouquets.

The key to having a better logo is to think beyond these industry images and find a unique angle for your company. You may want to start the process by searching for free vectors that can spark your creativity. It is important to focus on creating an original logo that will stand out in your niche.

Use the Group Mind

You can spend weeks or months trying to create the perfect logo for your social media accounts, or you can take advantage of the group mind. You have the ability to harness the power of multiple designers by setting up a logo challenge and setting a budget. This will give you 10 or more logos from designers who are competing to be the one you select.

By getting multiple images, you increase your chances of finding the perfect logo for your company. You will also see a greater variety of styles and ideas that will help you finalize the design. It is important to keep an open mind and get proposals from more than one professional.

Create a Model Personality

If your brand was a person, how would you describe him or her? If you are stuck and cannot create a logo, then it may be time to do the personality test. You want to create an imaginary person that represents your brand because this can help you pick out the key characteristics to create a logo. For example, would this person be happy, energetic or quirky?

Symbols Are Not Enough

Although it may be tempting to focus solely on a symbol or picture for your logo, you do not want to neglect the text. A small or new company tends to have a more difficult time gaining recognition with just a symbol. Initials or your business name need to be incorporated into your logo for a stronger effect. You can purchase unique fonts or create your own, so your logo is distinctive.

Logo creation for social media is a complex process, but these techniques will help you produce a beautiful brand image. Your logo helps people recognize you in a crowd of other companies, so it is important to find one that will fit your business.



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