Are Letter Light Boxes Any Good?

You may have seen this product around, and like myself been curious about its effectiveness, would this cool light really deliver what I wanted?

First of all, let me quickly explain what you get, the Lightbox comes with a combination of 90 letters, numbers and emojis.

There is a limit to the amount of words you can spell, most letters come in twos, but there is only one Q, X, Z, and a few letters come with three, you also get one of each of the following, #,@, &, £, ?, !

You get two of each from 1-9, the emojis consist of a thumbs up, heart, red balloon, champagne bottle, crying with laughter, cool guy, heart eyes, smile and tongue out face. Take extra care when separating the letters/symbols, as some of the plastic does peal away.

The sign itself has three layers that you can use, It’s not overly easy to slide the letters in, so I found myself slightly bending the letters while putting them in place. My second line wasn’t the greatest at keeping the letters upright and straight, I had to carefully position them not to fall down at an angle, but as soon as the light was in place, I didn’t have to worry about any of the letters moving.

Each line fits 8 letters comfortably, but you can include more if you overlap some of the clear plastic parts, so I was happily able to spell two words amounting to 13 letters on one line by using this method.

A great thing about the sign is that you can plug it in to light up using a Micro USB power lead, or you can include 3 standard AA Batteries, but unfortunately, the sign doesn’t come with the power lead.

Now, for the price this is a nice addition to your bedroom, movie/games room, or even office, it will look good in pictures and could help bring a bit of light to your setup. It’s one of the better gimmick/gift items, as it actually has a useful ability and could be used to spell your name, I Love You, Happy Birthday, Just Do It or even serve as an elaborate reminder for something. You can buy the LightBox on Amazon.


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