Bake Off From Home

Many love watching The Great British Bake Off on TV and I’m sure it’s inspired many to learn how to bake and with a selection of different recipes and baking equipment, it’s hard not to want to spend some time in the kitchen baking with equipment like this.

Every month they can send you a recipe to bake at home, specially developed by a team of baking experts who work with the judges to devise the challenges for the show. They have spent months selecting ingredients and testing recipes so that everyone, from complete novices to star bakers, can set themselves their own Bake Off challenge.

Each of their baking sets is of the same colour, a pale blue, so you won’t have to worry about mixing and matching different colours and brands together, the Bake Off Box can provide you with quality products without having to hunt around for all you need.

We used their baking silicone tray and tools to make their Banana and Walnut Mini Loaves recipe and it was delicious, a wonderful recipe that was easy to make.

Take a look at their website and see if you like the sound of a recipe or find that one item which you’ve been missing from your kitchen – The Bake Off Box.

Oliver Walkey

Focused on product reviews for Marketme. Has a social media following of 14,000 + on Twitter via @DinosaurmanUK.