Basic Difference between Creative Design and Digital Design Agency

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a blogger or vlogger, or a B2B business, if you are tapping into the online world, especially into online marketing, at one point or another, you will need the services of creative design or a digital design agency to achieve your desired results. Whether you need a website, a logo, captivating visual content, or a banging marketing campaign to promote your products or services, these agencies have got you covered. The only problem is that the line between these two different types of agencies has blurred, which is why most people struggle to pick between a creative design agency and a digital design agency in London and everywhere else.

So, should you opt for a design agency, a digital agency, or both?

In order to make the right choice, it is essential to know the basic difference between a creative and a digital agency. While both types of agencies help you grow your business online and build a strong online presence, they take different approaches to achieve this shared goal. Let’s take a look at what these companies do and how they can help you.

What is a Creative Design Agency?

The importance of design cannot be emphasized enough when it comes to capturing the attention of your target audience, which is why a creative design agency focuses mainly on the design. It can help you build a brand and develop a strong online presence in the market with its creative designs that will keep your audience thinking about your business for a long time.

With a focus on consistent design and style, a creative design agency fulfills the visual elements of your brand. These companies get the creative juices flowing to create all visual content that goes into marketing your products or services and helping them stand out from the competitors in the market. A creative agency can make your logos and banners to affiliate a unique style with your brand. From coming up with attractive color schemes for your content to designing infographics, and packaging designs, a creative design agency can do a lot for you and your business.

You can think of a creative design agency as a branding expert. They create creative content, including graphic and visual designs, geared towards building a unique image for your brand in the market. They value the visual design and appearance of all the content over the technical aspects of a marketing campaign. Their main objective is to make the content unique and visually appealing to encourage brand recognition, which then translates into higher sales for the businesses. Take a look at some services offered by creative design agencies:

  • Branding Services: A brand builds credibility and instills trust among the audience, which is why corporate branding is essential for every business that aims to make a name for itself in the market. Employing their creative abilities, creative design agencies offer branding services to help businesses reach their full potential.
  • Logo designing: Your logo is your identity in the market. It is all about representing your brand through a design, which is unique, recognizable, and iconic. Many creative design agency offer logo designing services to help businesses create logos that reflect their business ideologies.
  • Package designing: The way you package your products determines how your customers will respond to it. Creative design agencies offer package designing services to ensure your products appeal to your customers.
  • Infographics and Presentations: Infographics and presentations may seem different, but they fulfill the same purpose of presenting valuable data, information, or knowledge in a way that gets your point across to your audience. Design agencies understand the importance of design when it comes to enhancing human understanding of complex knowledge, which is why they excel at creating powerful infographics and presentations.

What is a Digital Design Agency?

A digital design agency is also known as a digital agency or a digital design agency in London and many other places. A digital agency also cares about the aesthetics of all the digital content associated with your business. However, it takes things a step further by taking into consideration the technical side of online marketing. From web development and UX/UI web designing to online marketing strategies like email marketing and social media marketing, a digital agency offers multiple services that are geared towards business growth.

They are well equipped with the technical knowledge to create digital solutions that can attract your target audience. One of the best things about digital design agencies is that they can target your market in a better way. While creative agencies are mainly focused on aesthetics, digital agencies make use of cutting-edge technology to encourage positive customer interaction on various platforms. Take a look at some services offered by digital design agencies:

  • Website and App Design and Development: Great web/app design and development is based on research and best practices in the industry. Digital agencies employ their technical skill and knowledge to create responsive websites and applications that will delight your audience.   
  • SEO services: SEO is the key to gaining online traction on your blog or website. Digital agencies optimize your content to make sure it remains effective and brings in leads.
  • Animation: Animations are the talk of the town, with the internet transitioning from text and images to animated videos. Incorporating animation in your marketing campaign can benefit you in various ways, which is why digital design agencies offer services associated with animations.
  • Email Marketing Services: Email marketing is not as simple as shooting a mass email to your current or potential customers. Successful email marketing involves carefully tailoring your emails to meet the needs of your customers and evolve your brand. This is a task for a digital agency!      

Which One Should You Choose?

Now that you know the basic difference between a creative design agency and a digital design agency, you can make the right decision and choose the one that meets your needs the best. However, a better option is to hire the services of a  full-service marketing agency. These agencies offer a more comprehensive list of services that will take care of all the creative and technical needs of your business!

Author Bio:

Richard Kearsey is a digital designer at Emerald Colour – a creative design agency in London that offers various services, like website design, animation, bespoke exhibition stand design, etc. He loves creativity and enjoys experimenting with various design techniques for both web and print. He also enjoys sharing his thought on the latest design trends and upcoming marketing ideas.


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