Becoming a fitness guru: how to beat the budget gyms

Everyone wants to get fit. Seriously, who can honestly say they wouldn’t love to drop a few pounds and discover hidden abs of steel?

The only sticking point for personal trainers is that no one wants to pay through the nose for it.

It’s partly why low-cost budget gyms have come to dominate the landscape of the fitness industry, with competitive membership prices from the likes of Pure Gym threatening to completely overthrow boutique, local studios.

And yet, even cheap monthly payments and wavered joining fees aren’t enough for penny-pinching Brits.

The days of the home workout video may be waning, but that doesn’t mean people have given up on DIY fitness solutions. More and more, the public is turning to social media for the answers.

A lot of this content is free – although some still requires a small subscription charge – meaning online or virtual personal trainers are continuing to grow in popularity. Just look at Joe Wicks or Kayla Itsines, who’ve both used Instagram to gain international fitness guru status.

Luckily for you, their path to stardom is super-easy to emulate.

With the help of social media, in a few key steps, you can find yourself a lucrative career in the fitness industry, and help challenge the growth of budget gyms along the way.

Here are our top tips for success…

#1: get qualified

Lots of people have cottoned on to the power of social media, using their pages to dole out advice on everything diet- and workout-related. The key to standing out is making sure you have what they don’t – qualifications to back up what you say.

Online educators offer everything from Pilates instructor courses to nutrition credentials, so you can develop a diverse background of expertise that’ll dazzle all your future clients.

#2: build a reputation

Share your unique tips and tricks with the world – for free to begin with – to build a following. Make sure you create a professional page separate from your personal one for some extra credibility.

Once you’ve got a dedicated fan base, you can look at ways of capitalising on your reputation.

#3: know your strength

Understand what it is you offer clients, and we don’t just mean knowing your physical strength. For example, Wicks realised the importance of quick food to busy people, so used Instagram videos to showcase his no-fuss 15-minute healthy meals.

Whether it’s killer glutes or a formula for calorie-free chocolate, you need to identify your unique selling point and use it to your advantage.

#4: develop as you go

You’re building a business here, which means knowing how and when to diversify. Itsines handled it perfectly, moving from posting free videos online to developing downloadable plans, and finally creating an app. Basically, she made herself a brand.

But you can’t rush this process. It takes time and financial investment at key stages to accomplish.

As others have proved in recent years, it can be done. After all, the bargain hunters looking to get fit and lose weight aren’t going anywhere. Follow a plan, stick to your guns, and grow your brand – you’ll be giving Wicks and Itisines a run for their money in no time at all.



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