Beforehand What Look Out For When Putting Up Wall Stickers At Home Or Office

First, you can get a personalized wall decal in a wide variety of colors. You can choose from a wide variety of colors for your custom wall sticker from these following:

• Jet Black
• Dove Gray
• Warm Gray
• Light Gray
• Snow White,
• Dark Roast,
• Key Lime
• Aqua Marine
• Cornflower Blue
• Deep Sky
• Azure Splash
• Royal Wave
• Navy Cadet
• Purple Slushies
• Lavender Bouquet
• Pale Plum
• Candy Floss
• Raspberry Cerise
• Rich Pinotage
• Naartjie Zest
• Summer Sunshine
• Matt Gold or Matt Silver.

Text styles for personalized wall decal stickers

There are only 6 fonts to pick from because the other 4 fonts cause the letters to become too thin, making installation more challenging. To put it simply, we love convenience.

• Typewriter
• Curly Sue
• Monkey Font
• Playground

These are all examples of fonts in modern design wall stickers for decoration.

What sizes are available for quotation wall stickers if they are custom made

How much of a 1m x 57cm sheet is used depending on the specifics of the quote (h). The largest width or height of your estimate will be 99cm and 56cm, respectively.

Sizing guidelines for individually created wall stickers

Keep in mind when you get the custom stickers of your desire that the more words you use, the larger they will be, and the more words you use, the smaller they will be when creating a bespoke quotation with this tool. The an optimal number of words is between 8 and 15, though will vary depending on the font and exact words you choose. It’s better to use a “chunkier” typeface, like Modern or Playground, if you have a lot of text. Whilst we hate to restrict you, we ask that you keep your message to no more than 30 words, since much more than that and the font size would be very small and installation will be extremely tedious

Each package of personalized quotation wall stickers includes

• The customized sticker you ordered (fits on a sheet that is 1m x 57cm).
• Also include a practice sticker to test out your wall decals, detailed instructions for creating your own wall decals, and directions for creating your own sticker designs.

How big wall stickers can be ordered with your favorite quote

Get the huge custom wall decal quote if you’d like your own quote turned into a vinyl decal for your wall. The uniqueness of your personalized quote decal is only limited by your imagination since we provide six different fonts in a rainbow of colors. You can choose any quotation you like, or you can look at some of our favorite motivational quotes for kids right here.

Your personalized quote should include between 8 and 15 words, but no more than 30. We recommend switching to a larger sheet if your needs exceed that. If you increase the number of words, each one will become smaller. The author’s name, set in very small, centered Arial Bold, is optional and will appear below the quotation.


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