BOTONIQUE: Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine

The Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine For Wine Lovers

Botonique was created by a food and wine merchant, it is made and sourced in the UK, (except for certain botanicals and vitamins which can only be sourced from overseas)

It is a Non-Alcoholic, dry & complex Sparkling Wine to sip & savour.

“Delicious with wine, after wine, alongside wine or instead of wine. But it isn’t wine.”

You have two Sparkling Wines to choose from:

  1. Botonique Blush 2018 “Great with Asian cuisine and afternoon teas”
  2. Botonique ORIGINAL 2017 “Great with seafood and Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine.”

Tasting Notes

Botonique Blush 2018 Tasting Notes: “Rose petals and Strawberries on the nose with Strawberries and mixed Herbs in the mouth.”

Botonique ORIGINAL 2017 Tasting Notes: “Citrus and Herbs on the nose, Spices and Herbs in the mouth.”

Both Wines are priced at £15 and can be bought from their website.

They are both very nice Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wines with one being more Light & Fruity and the other being more Hint of Spice.

Oliver Walkey

Focused on product reviews for Marketme. Has a social media following of 14,000 + on Twitter via @DinosaurmanUK.