Branding tips for your small business.

Branding is of key importance when building your business, it is what you will be identified by and you are likely to carry this branding with you everywhere you go in business and use it on all marketing, ie website, business cards, banners etc.
We may think that creating a new logo and style of branding for your business is a simply process, maybe you can go to the likes of and for no more than $5 you can get yourself a brand new logo… With the many thousands of free to use images online, you maybe can find a cheap solution that way too?
I think we all started in our business lives looking to cut corners and especially costs, but is economising on your business branding really a wise move? Let us look at some key tips to help you on your way to build a quality branding for your business.

  • Look to invest in your branding. Take on a company who are professional at creating company logos and branding. Make sure that what they create for you is unique and bespoke to you. It should cost you anywhere between £250 – £1,500 for a business logo & branding.
  • Make sure that whoever designs your new branding that you own the intellectual rights.
  • If you can, look in to trademarking your logo / company name to give yourself protection going forward.
  • If you can, develop a memorable statement / tagline for your business, something that sums up the service / products you offer.
  • Make sure that once you have agreed which branding you will be using that you use it across all your marketing channels such as your website, business cards, social media channels, email footers etc.
  • If you have the budget and time, have a launch event for your new branding or new company as this will increase brand awareness quickly.

A memorable and professional brand for your business will stick in the mind of your current and potential customers. Make sure you run with the best you can afford…


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