Cabal Rum – Together in Spirit

Cabal’s motto, ‘Together in spirit’ perfectly sums up how they make their Rum, they really sound like they listen to everyone, from the consumer to the industry professional, they experiment and adapt to create a Rum to be not just drunk, but enjoyed.

“We always make our products together. We look at what people are currently loving, exploring and drinking across rum and spirits and use this to create new and exciting trial liquids from reputable industry suppliers and distilleries. We then talk through and test our trial samples together with our consumers, the trade and other industry experts. We ask them to tell us what they like, what they don’t like, what they can detect to the nose and the palate, how, when and with whom they might serve and enjoy it.” –

A team of 32 lovers of spirits came together to create Cabal’s Expression No.1513, but after a wonderful story, does it perform as well as it sounds?

Tasting Notes – “A creamy, caramel, oaky expression on the aroma. Burnt oak, roasted caramel and a spicy character on the palate.”

They also have another bottle of rum coming in Autumn 2021


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