Can you rent your holiday property more easily if it has a pool?

Absolutely yes! For a multitude of reasons. When most people hear the words” swimming pool”, they instantly think about summer, relaxation, exercise, and fun.

The vacation rental marketplace is a competitive environment that grows more popular every year. In today’s busy world, people are so stressed and anxious about their everyday life responsibilities and jobs that when it comes the time to get a vacation, they want to feel like they have just reached Heaven. They look for places where they can rest and find their peace of mind because with their free time being so little these days, they value it a lot more. Thus, despite having to pay higher costs for their vacations, they are willing to do it as long as they can find everything they need for a little bit of relaxation.

Thus, with summer approaching fast, every property owner is focusing all their efforts on creating the most appealing vacation environment for all the prospective clients out there. So, you may be wondering whether a swimming pool will add value to your property and help you get more bookings this year. Well, the answer should be quite obvious that a swimming pool will definitely make your holiday home to attract more customers. Pools, particularly in hot climates, are a desirable feature that can earn you more rent money. Read on to see how a swimming pool is excellent for this summer to help you rent out your holiday property more easily.

Flexibility and convenience

Although your holiday property that you are renting out might be close to the seaside, for your tenants, the idea of not having to walk for several minutes to swim might be a plus. If your property has a swimming pool in your backyard, there will be one facility that will allow them to enjoy the water and swimming in the comfort of their accommodation. Moreover, a holiday property with swimming pool provides a family-friendly environment because parents and children of all ages can swim together. For small children, swimming in the sea or ocean can be extremely dangerous. However, swimming in a pool significantly reduces the risk for drowning as their parents can supervise and control them better and teach their kids how to swim. From having a swimming pool to playrooms for children, when looking to rent a vacation property, people look for places where the whole family can enjoy their time.


When we are on vacation and want to relax, we all value privacy. We don’t want to have to deal with loud noises from hawking cars, noisy children, loud music, or with other people staring at us. We just want to enjoy our time with our loved ones without any disturbance from the surrounding environment. Thus, having a swimming pool at the property they rent for their vacation will help your tenants enjoy the privacy they need. They won’t have to deal with the crowded beaches or community pools. Whether they want to get a good tan, swim all day long, party with their friends, or have a cold drink by the pool, there will be nothing and no one to disturb them.

Reduced costs

It comes as no surprise that if you provide your tenants with a swimming pool, their costs will be reduced. Whether they are short-term or long-term tenants, as summer arrives, they will all want to enjoy the hot days by the swimming pool. Thus, if their accommodation already has one, they won’t have to pay extra costs to go to the community pools. All they have to do is to get their towels and go to the backyard and enjoy the wonderful weather. Thus, your tenants might even be willing to pay a little more for your property taking into consideration the fact that they are saving money.

Low-impact exercise

After spending several hours at their office desks on their everyday lives, your short-term tenants would definitely like to do some low-impact exercising to deal with their back pain. Swimming pools provide the perfect environment for aqua therapy to improve cardiovascular health and manage muscle or bone conditions. Moreover, it is a great way to relieve stress for good mental health. There is something oddly therapeutic about gazing across the still surface of a swimming pool as the moon casts its glow on the water and the weightless feeling you get while swimming. So, your tenants who want to unwind a busy and stressful lifestyle will experience the positive mental impact that swimming will have on them.

Great holiday party environment

Who wouldn’t enjoy a pool party? Let’s be honest, swimming pools make a great party environment. Point being, people associate pools with positive things and fun time spent together with their friends and families. Thus, a swimming pool is a delightful place to spend time, where your tenants will be able to enjoy their time together playing water games or simply splashing each other for fun. When going to a vacation, people also value having fun. So, they look for accommodations that offer daybreak’s amenities, which include walking and bike trails, parks, sports fields, swimming pools, and tennis courts.

Most people say that you are not going to get much back from a pool but obviously, every situation is different and it may work perfectly for your holiday property. It is important for property owners to renovate or update their properties accordingly to what tenants are looking for when they want to book a vacation. Pools can require a surprising amount of maintenance and cost a bit more to update your holiday property. But ultimately, they add value to your property and make the summer a lot more bearable and fun for your tenants.


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