Care for your staff with these top tips to boost media agency productivity

You’re a bustling media agency firing out hundreds of tweets, shares and likes every day, keeping the gears of the internet machine grinding like the endless pool of distraction it is.

But no matter how many fantastic infographics crank out of the company coffers in your working week, even the most successful digital media agency has to comply with basic employment legislation.

In this bear pit of an industry, retaining your staff is a job in itself. Media agencies are notorious for having a revolving door of employees, with huge numbers of diligent workers being chewed up and spat out every month.

The ideal media agency needs to retain its best staff members, thereby giving the impression of continuity for clients.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few top tips to make sure the workers in your media agency remain satisfied – and remain in their jobs.

Sort out their pensions

In the good old days, a retired person could live comfortably off their state pension. If you wandered around the centre of town on a weekday morning, you can still see the last of the state pension generation ambling around coffee shops with all the grace of a dignified elk.

How times have changed. As the government’s coffers dry up, the onus to provide effective pension plans has fallen onto employers.

To keep your workers happy, make sure your pension plan is as generous as possible, at least matching what your employee contributes. Investing in a bit of technology will make this a lot easier, so take a look at some auto enrolment payment software and you’ll have an incredible pension pot for all your employees.

Get in the rolls

The small things count in workplaces – and if you can buy a treat for your workers every week, they’ll feel a lot more valued.

Whether that means getting some fried egg rolls for them every Friday or buying some prosecco for the end of the week, your staff will really appreciate the extra effort.

Understand a duvet day

Sometimes we all need a day off, a day that holidays can’t cover. A day to block out the world and recover from the exhaustion of fulltime work. We call them duvet days and in many countries they’re a perfectly acceptable reason to stay at home every once in a while.

Worker’s rights in the UK don’t have much respect for the duvet day, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. To help the productivity of your staff, let them take the odd day off to recover from a hard time working. They’ll be all the better for it and you’ll receive higher quality work from them.

Have you got any top tips of your own regarding worker productivity that you’d like to share with us? Then let us know in the comments below.


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