Choosing a Computer for Content Creation

Content creation comes in different shapes and sizes including video editing and graphic design, but they all have one thing in common – they rely on computers to complete their work. However, with so many computers to choose from, it makes investing in the correct specs difficult. Therefore, we’ve put together this brief overview of what to look for in a content creation computer.

Specifications and Features

Computers designed for content creation pack serious power, and they used to be unaffordable for the majority of people. However, as the popularity of YouTube and Twitch Streaming has risen, so has the demand for high-end computers. Fortunately, this demand has resulted in high-end specs dropping to a reasonable price range.

To reach the minimum specs for content creation at a maximum output of 1080p, you will need an 8th Generation Intel i5 or an AMD Ryzen at the equivalent level. Further, 16GB of memory (RAM) paired with 256GB of storage (HDD) will be enough to store and operate the majority of basic creation functions.

If your content creation needs stretch beyond dipping your toes, and you want to work in 4K output, you will need an Intel Xeon processor or better. Further, you will need to combine this with 64GB RAM, a 1TB NVMe PCIe HDD, and an 8K capable screen. Naturally, computers at this higher end will cost significantly more.

Display Specifications

Designing content relies on having a crisp display, which is determined by the graphics card (GPU) and monitor. When searching for a laptop, look for a “True Colour Technology” label, which indicates the ability to fine-tune the screen. Further, you should be looking for NTSC, sRGB, or AdobeRGB, which tells you the laptop reaches an industry standard for colour gamut.

When considering the GPU, you should look for dedicated graphics, which take pressure off the processor (CPU) and allow your device to display higher resolutions. There are many different types of graphics cards, but we suggest using Lenovo Intel graphics for content creation.

Thermal Design

When using content creation software for long periods, computers get really hot, which means you need to consider the thermal qualities of a computer before buying. Part of this puzzle relies on pairing the correct CPU and GPU. If you get this wrong, it will likely lead to throttling.

You also need to ensure proper ventilation and fan systems, which will help cool the processors and extend the shelf life of your laptop. For the best content creation experience, we suggest a laptop with multiple heat pipes, plenty of vents, and dual fans. After buying your laptop, you should use it on a flat surface to avoid covering any vents, which means no lazing about in bed while on the job.

Content creation relies on powerful computer specifications, which cost a fortune to build. However, if you’re only dipping your toes and are willing to sacrifice high-quality display output, you can source a content creation laptop or desktop on a budget.


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