ColchesterHour was founded by us at Marketme, local business in Colchester, and has grown to be a popular and at time trending hashtag on Twitter. Created back in 2013, the concept continues to grow in popularity and our now dedicated Twitter account @ColchesterHour on Twitter has over 1,000 followers.

The reason we created ColchesterHour was to:

  • Give businesses in and around Colchester, Essex a dedicated hour time slot each week to network bewteen themselves and promote the services and products they offer.
  • Allow the residents of Colchester a dedicated time slot each week where they can get their message heard by a larger and more active community online.
  • Charities and events can use the hour to shoutout about what they are doing and when.
  • We just ask that no-one spams #ColchesterHour otherwise they will not get good publicity from @ColchesterHour or @Marketme!

Most of all – Enjoy ColchesterHour!