Could You Save Your Business In One Month?

This year has been tough, beyond words. Nobody saw this coming, literally, nobody. The pandemic has ripped through society like nothing we have ever seen. Businesses have been hit by bombshell after bombshell. They have had to let go of their best talent, cut their profit margins and find some way, anyhow, to stay afloat. But now that the festive season is on the horizon, you could save your business from collapse. Consumers will buy more than at any other time of year. They will come into contact with businesses they never knew existed. So how can you maximize your chance at making the most sales, netting new loyal consumers and make the most profits?

New look

Now is the best time to start revamping your look, especially on your website. A new website design could be just what you need to renew your image and make for a better experience that customers will enjoy. But what kind of service should you seek? Lots of companies make websites for businesses but you should pick one that has skills that would suit you the best. If you’re a retail company, go with someone like ISI Global who has a long history of making contemporary websites. Their reputation precedes itself, as they have worked for Google, HP and Brooks. These brands are well-known in their industries. Contact them about your needs and they will start their redesign project as soon as you wish.

Blog content

Behind video ads, blogging is the second-highest interacted medium that consumers will experience. Blogs are fun to read if they’re informative, educational and they exude personality. Business blogs are now being read, just like newspapers and online articles. That’s right now you have the same power as a news outlet. But what kind of content? Preferably, it should involve history, modern needs and future ventures. For example, if you sell smartphones, consider writing a blog about the history of phones, what the modern field looks like and what your place is in it, and the future, as well as your future products. This seems like it’s a lot for one blog post, but each section needs only to be about 200 words.

Social media ads

Social media is the best way to market your products these days, even better than video ads. Consumers can’t comment on video ads, they can only share them. So, use your social media account to post images of your products along with sales and discounts attached. Make a short 5-10 second video ad and pin it to your profile. When users leave comments or questions, respond to them! Don’t be shy, consumers want to know your business is alive and will reply to their comment they wrote as they were brushing their teeth or while walking their dog. Make them feel special for a moment and you could gain a loyal customer.

One month is all you need during the festive season to potentially save your business or your profit margins. Don’t let this opportunity get away from you, prepare to go all out this year!


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