Customer Delight: Taking Your Customer Service Provision To The Next Level

Recently, you may have noticed that some businesses are swapping from using the term customer services, to customer delight. Now, whether you think this is twee or not, is not the issue. Instead, the focus is on leaving the customer floored by the service and the experience you provideā€”a topic you can find out all about in the post below.

No more FAQ pages.

Rather than have your customers wade through a swamp of information, what about an alternative tac? After all, there is a lot to be said for them getting in contact with your team directly.

First of all, they will feel personally heard and acknowledge which is useful for building a relationship between you and the customer, ones that form the foundation of a potential sale. After all, there truly is no replacement for real-life reassurance from a real-life person, just like they would get in a brick and mortar store.

That is not the only benefit of scrapping your FAQ pages, however. The reason being that by inviting customers to get in touch when they have an issue, you will get to see just how problematic that issue is. Something that will allow you to address such problems as a whole and so dramatically improves the experience for customers in the future. Something essential if you want to keep customer retention and repeat business high.

Get an advanced phone system in place.

Next, if you want to delight your customers, it’s a smart idea to make sure they don’t have to wait too long to speak to you when they call. Additionally, being directed from pillar to post by automated telephone systems isn’t a good look either and is likely to upset your customers to the point of frustration and provide them with a very negative experience.

Happily, there is a way that you can improve your phone provision to provide a better experience for your customers. It’s by using something like these 3cx phone systems in your business. The reason being that such a system will allow you to operate advanced call management and queuing, which can reduce frustration while simultaneously managing the expectation of your clients. The good news is that such a system can also help to save your business money as well, making it a double win situation.

Reduce customer effort.

No one wants to have to work hard when they are buying something. You don’t want your customer to have to work hard either, because this is when you run the risk of losing them.

Instead, as a business, you want to make their experience as positive and as easy possible. Therefore, reducing any roadblocks that could prevent the sale. Of course, the challenge here is in how to do this.

Well, one of the most straightforward ways is to ensure your website offers customers the best experience possible. That means good user interaction and a site that is well designed to flow in the right way. That is one that cuts out any unnecessary and lengthy actions that could act as a barrier to both the sale and customer satisfaction.


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