Defence in Case of Business Crime in UK

Business crimes are part of the daily issues numerous authorities worldwide deal with. Even though a business crime has a settled definition, there are always situations which change the terms and make the authorities combat such offences with varied “weapons”. In a comprehensive manner, we can define business crimes as non-violent offences with financial gains obtained in a corporate environment in illegal manners. Illegal financial transactions, money laundering, and fraud are serious offences and are punished in accordance with the legislation in the United Kingdom and investigated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the country. Persons accused of business crimes in UK should ask for legal support from criminal solicitors in London.

Necessary defence in cases of money laundering in UK

Money laundering is the illegal way of making profits, or in other words, obtaining a large amount of money through criminal activity. This can be done by “washing” the money and transform them into assets in order to erase the track of the provenience. According to the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, individuals caught making profits in this illegal manner are subject to imprisonment up to 13 years, depending on the amount of money. For instance, a person who is accused of money laundering that sums up to GBP 10 million can receive a maximum of 10 years sentence. One should know that a suitable legal representation in front of the authorities is mandatory in such cases. The criminal lawyer will, first of all, analyze the grounds and will counsel the offender to plead not guilty. Meanwhile, the evidence presented is analyzed by both parts: the prosecution and the defence. For a better result in a money laundering case, it is suggested to address for help to a solicitor in London who have experience in such cases and who can help the accused get rid of the charges.

Other types of business crimes in UK

Corruption, bribery, fraud, investment fraud, and confiscation of assets are part of the business crimes in UK. We remind that FCA in UK is entitled to investigate companies which are suspect of fraud or illegal financial transactions and can issue penalties or other punishments in compliance with the available legislation. Companies must solicit legal support, as business crime cases must be entirely analyzed and represented in front of the authorities.


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